FAQ: Answers about the online file storage & exchange service

Are my files private?

Yes, all uploaded files are private. Only you control who sees your files. Change file access and set up passcodes in your account settings anytime.

After the upload, unless you set the link access rights to "private", anyone with the link will have access.

For public links, anyone can see the file name, size, description and can preview, download or share your file link. Your email client, antivirus or internet browser can also recognize these links.

Your privacy settings can be applied to the entire account or for each folder separately.

What is the purpose of this storage platform?

Anyone looking to store and share their files with ease. Upload files of up to 5 GB for free and share unique links with anyone, anytime.

How can I access my cloud files?

After the upload, your files are stored on secure servers. Each folder and file automatically receives a unique link. To access your stored files, save your unique access link after the upload.

What file types can I store?

Upload, store and share all types of files - documents, photos, video, audio and other. The system preserves original file sizes.

Basic account user have a 5 GB upload limit, PRO 20 GB max file size and Business accounts have custom limits. Webdav: 100GB, Sync: 400GB.

What to do if there are complaints about the content published on the platform?

Yes. Please submit your complaint (a DMCA type application) for file removal using this form .

What payment methods do we accept?

We support VISA, Mastercard, bank transfer and Files.fm tokens.

We do not have access, nor do we store your credit card data. All payments are made via banks and secure PCI-DSS certified payment institutions.

What are the data security levels?

Files are uploaded, shared and encrypted securely.

Use the "Backup" tool to create private encrypted backup copies stored in a secure data center. Otherwise, data arrays are reserved, but no additional backups are made for your files.

How long are files stored for free users?

This depends - unregistered users can access and share uploaded files for up to 60 days.

Pro and Business account users have free permanent file storage space, with access to upload details, access statistics and file privacy management.

How can I delete files?

You can. To delete files, provide an e-mail address for file management in the first field of the file upload form. The "delete-file" link will be sent to this email.

Registered users can delete their uploads in the "My files" section. In case of uploading files before logging-in, see the uploads made from your device in the login page (or contact support).

Do I get a sharing link immediately after upload?

Yes. Your sharing link should appear at the top of the file upload window right after you click "Start file upload".

For registered users, the uploaded file link also appears as the latest entry in "My files" section.

Why can′t we refund payments?

Because payments are processed automatically. As soon as a payment is made, the system reserves disk space, unlocks instant features and/or grants access to paid content.

To see if this is for you, try the Business account for free for 14 days.

How big files and data volumes can I store?

Store as much as you need - rent more storage space as you go.

Your received Files.fm (FFM) tokens also add to your permanent disk space.

What data is stored about me?

You have the opportunity to view and edit your data in your account settings (User data).

What is the password for the archive file I downloaded?

We do not set passwords for archive files. The file uploader knows the password. If you need a password to open an archive file, we can’t help you figure it out.

I created an account with 3rd party authentication. What is the password for my account?

If you have created an account with 3rd party authentication (Facebook, Google, Microsoft), but want to log in to the account with a password of your choice, you will need to reset your password. After resetting your password, you’ll still be able to sign in with 3rd-party authentication.

Can’t download the file, what can I do?

File download can be affected by the quality of the Internet connection between the client and the server, the settings of the client device and internet browser, server load e.t.c.

We offer several download options (direct, save to your account, download to a .zip file and P2P). If for some reason you can’t download in a web browser, you can use a .torrent file and download all the files in the folder with your Torrent client.

Account upgrade

If you need more storage space or features in your account, you can upgrade to one of our plans.

If you already have an active subscription, making another one will not automatically cancel it. The storage space and features included in active subscriptions add’s up.

If it is necessary to replace one subscription plan with another - the existing subscription must be canceled (storage space and features are available until the end of the paid period).

I do not want to be notified by email

In your account settings (Email settings) you can mark topics for which you do not want to receive email notifications.

Can I edit documents online?

You can edit the most popular office format files online if you have subscribed to at least a PRO account.

How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account in your account settings. All files in the account must have been deleted before.

If you have any other questions or suggestions, feel free to use the “Contacts” form