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Easy tools to sell digital downloads or views and receive payments

Upload photos, videos or docs to your account
Sell via personalized or on your webpage
Receive payments for sold files
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How it works
Store and sell files of any size and type. Easy administration and customization options.
Encryption and secure payments are used. You can specify private and public access rights.
Visitors can purchase and receive files instantly 24/7.
Everywhere and your file store is available anywhere in the world and adapted for mobile devices.

Integrate content store on your website

Business account owners can embed several file folder galleries to their websites sections via ready-to-use code for each folder.
File gallery on your website will adapt to the space provided and will be mobile-friendly.
HTML Version
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Create Business account, upload folders and set the prices

Get the code
In each file folder options get a ready-to-use embeddable code

Paste the code
Copy the HTML code into your website’s content management system

Ask for information [email protected]

Benefits & Advantages

We might showcase your product to service users, if appropriate!
Set up your digital store and earn automatically from anywhere.
Money is immediately stored in your user account after each file sale.

The files are available to the buyer immediately after the payment.
Integrated Payments with VISA/Master payment cards supported.
Account reports are available for all transactions, as well as view, purchase and download statistics.
Service is available in English, German and Russian, so you can sell at the international level.
File preview and purchase form has been adapted for mobile devices.
Support of file tags, descriptions and meta info that are search engine friendly.
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Usage terms


Unlimited files and custom prices
Sell files in unlimited quantities! Files will be available in your catalog as long as you want! You can change the publicity and access rights.
Low fee per transaction
For the use of the system we will deduct 5% from transactions and 5% + 0.29 eur for payment processing.
Terms of Use
You have the options to provide your own use rights to your products, like application, duration and reproduction amount.
Privately or publicly
Your files do not necessarily have to be available for purchase for everyone - you can also make private and one-off transactions, without making the file public. You only need to send the store link.