High Performance Cloud Servers

Host your web projects, emails, wordpress, databases, games or other software on Linux or Windows servers

BASIC from $16/m
For small individual solutions
2 CPU cores
20 GB NVMe
STANDARD from $33/m
For email, web projects, databases or Windows servers
4 CPU cores
80 GB NVMe
BUSINESS from $66/m
For Internet shops, databases and remote work
8 CPU cores
150 GB NVMe
PREMIUM from $133/m
For heavy-duty or high-capacity projects
16 CPU cores
300 GB NVMe

For IT developers and professionals, we offer a self-service system and individual pricing solutions: contact us.

Your benefits and technical capabilities

Self-service and management portal
Creating a new server within minutes
High-performance CPU, RAM, NVMe, SSD resources
Creating copies of server states and restoring backups
Ready Linux and Windows server templates
Create private server cluster and VLANs
High availability solutions
Automatic server restart on another server in case of emergency
Automatic daily and weekly server snapshots
Dedicated and customized physical server rental in a data center

Renting a virtual private server and a secure data center infrastructure provides flexible IT solutions

Fireproof and guarded data center with multi-level access system. Duplicated and secure hardware. Automatic server backups. Data encryption solutions.
Speed of operation
Fast internet connection in data center, fast SSD data disks and high processor power. Possible to increase as needed.
Backup copies
Automated daily and weekly backup of the entire server. Available tools for backing up data both within the server and on an independent solution.
Resource flexibility
You can change and upgrade your hardware configuration to your current needs without having to buy and overpay for the reserve.
Preinstalled software
The Linux server package includes preconfigured open source software with a control panel to deploy web pages, email, databases, DNS or CRM software without additional configuration.
Virtual servers allow you to save money by not having to pay for the resources you do not use. Also, virtual servers save your time and costs for server installation, deployment and maintenance.

Additional services

Security audit and policy development
Creating a Virtual Private Network
Firewall and router rental
Web application protection
Software license rental
Server administration
Create an account and apply for a consultation

The administrator creates a server

Software is prepared for use

Get started

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