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Upgrade your account for more storage and features

  • Basic
  • $0
  • 20GB for a month
  • 5GB file size
  • Private sharing with users
  • Receive files Inbox
  • Customisable content page and sales
  • RAW to JPG conversion
  • Convert videos to MP4
  • Convert docs to PDF

  • PRO
  • $7.9 /month
  • 2TB cloud storage + add more
  • 3 x faster speed
  • Ad-free sharing
  • 20GB file size
  • 30 days Undelete
  • Set passwords on links
  • Access control
  • Unlimited p2p data traffic
  • Online Document Editing

  • TEAM
  • $19 /month
    + VAT
  • 2TB+ and 4 users included
  • 200GB file size
  • File access and activity log
  • File versioning
  • File recovery up to 5 years
  • 2FA and security settings
  • Activity and file access log
  • Business tech support

The security and privacy of your data is a priority has more than fifteen years of experience in developing data storage solutions

Securely store your largest files

  • Icon Store your largest files securely
  • Icon Enjoy EU data protection standards
  • Icon Set file access rights and passwords
Securely Store
Securely Store

Encrypted sharing with teams

  • Icon Share files only to identified users
  • Icon Integrate content and workflows
  • Icon Publish and use e-commerce tools

Grow your business with advanced tools

  • Icon Up to 1000 TB of storage
  • Icon Custom data limits
  • Icon Unlimited upload/download bandwidth

Frequently asked questions about data storage and features

Who is the platform for?

The is designed for a variety of users: individuals, professionals, and businesses. It is particularly useful for those who need to store, share, and manage files online:

  • Individuals who want to back up personal data or share large files with friends and family.
  • Professionals such as photographers, graphic designers, and videographers who need to share large media files with clients or collaborators.
  • Businesses that require a secure platform for storing and sharing sensitive documents, collaborating on projects, or distributing content to customers or employees.
  • Educational Institutions for sharing materials and resources with students and faculty.
  • Sport organizations for managing an publishing photos and videos

Overall, is tailored to meet the needs of users who require efficient file storage and sharing solutions.

Are my files private?

Yes, all stored data is private and links are not automatically published. You can change the default link access rights for files and folders in your account settings. Folders can also have an additional password.

How can I access my files?

After your upload, your files are stored on secure cloud servers. Each folder and file automatically receives a unique link. You can share a link to folder or file and change access rights or set a password.

Can I store any kind of files?

Yes, you can upload, store and share all types of files - documents, photos, videos, audio and other. The system preserves original file sizes and meta data. Basic, PRO and Business accounts have different upload size limits, to be seen on the price list.

How to address complaints regarding published content on the platform?

Please submit your complaint (a DMCA type application) for content removal using this form .

What payment methods do we accept?

We accept VISA, Mastercard and bank wire transfers for Business invoices. We do not have access, nor do we store your credit card data. All payments are made via banks and secure PCI-DSS certified payment institutions.

What data security levels and solutions are used?

Encrypted data channels, reserved data arrays, backup servers, web firewalls and antivirus technologies are used. However, no additional copies are made for your data. You can create additional encrypted data copies with the Duplicati backup tool or synchronize the entire account content to another computer/server.

How long are files stored for free users?

Registered users have permanent disk space for file storage, which can be increased by subscribing to a PRO or Business account. Files that exceed the available space or files from non-registered users will be available for up to 60 days after upload, depending on the set deletion period.

How can I delete anonymously uploaded files?

If the owner's email is specified in the first field when uploading files, the edit and delete link is also sent to this email. Registered users can manage and delete their files in the "My files" section. If you forgot to authorize, you can still attach files uploaded from this device to your account immediately after logging in.

Can I get the file link immediately while the files are still being uploaded?

Yes. After pressing the "Save files" button, the access link is shown immediately. If you are a registered user, the new link will also immediately appear in the "My Files" section of your account as a new folder. Hence, there is no need to wait for the upload to finish. For free accounts, by default, this link is available with link access rights, so you can share it with other users without registration.

Why can′t we refund payments?

You can try the system for free. When you subscribe to a paid account, the system automatically connects you to the paid options, reserves disk space, gives you access to the paid files or prints your photos, while contacting other IT systems and suppliers who provide the requested part of the service. All information on the terms of the transaction is provided at the time of placing an order for the specific service, before payment is made. All users are subject to the terms of use of the platform. In addition, cancellation of payments is costly - complicating accounting and tax calculations.

How much data can I store?

As much as you need - you can add the disk space available in your account at any time by subscribing to additional terabytes.

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