The easiest way to store and share large files, photo files, video files, audio files, documents online

for business and private users, allowing you to upload, share, back up, publish and access your files from anywhere in a simple and fast way

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You can upload files also via the Windows and Android apps
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Upload and store files
Share with others
Access from anywhere
Where and how are files stored?
Uploaded files are stored in a reliable data center. You can set additional access password for each folder.
Your files are private in your account, but you can share a link to access certain files or folders with others as well
Unauthorized user files will be available up to 60 days since the upload
Backup copies can be created automatically with a specially designed software
File and Photo Exchange
Access and Storage
Sell Files & Photos
File size up to 20GB
Unlimited disk space
Encrypted access
Files previewed or played in a browser
File viewing and download statistics
Password-protected access for specific folders
Download all files at once in a zip file
Files are checked with antivirus
File commenting
File download with torrent technology
Data storage products for business
File upload form for websites
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Virtual and dedicated server hosting
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Document Syncing and Sharing
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File publishing and receiving catalog
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Clients and partners
"File upload form facilitates the work process "
Author image
Janina Bluma
Board member Livonia Print.
"The easiest way to transfer files "
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Karlis Jakadels
Technical Director DUE DESIGN
"Works well and quickly, as expected."
Author image
Edgars Grobins
Head of IT Department LNT
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