In these hard days DARTZ make a decision to make step back from such company "bullet" (basement) like "World Most Expensive" and continue things we start from JUST.ARMOR. No gold, no diamonds, no other uselles JUST-4-EGO sizzles like Bang&Olufssen or Fake Whale Leather - just good old (in good meaning) & solid armor. And that will be DARTZ G-squad who will help You in these hard days. DARTZ G-squad famous with it's G 6x6 funky armoring and Mercedes G-class sky.rocketing. Our proposal will be simple like AK. You can order Your armored G or GL. Armoring level B7 which withstand bla bla bla You can order Extended Armored G or GL. You can add to this cars some sizzles. And yes, You can change interior. We keep same quality, same nobelity, same approach. We delete uber exclusivity, as rescue rangers don't need Swarovski support to save lifes Time from money "landing" to car delivery 8-12 weeks which depends on option You choose. So, DARTZ G-squad Commander-in-Chief, XX Century Wars Veterans Against Terror organisation President and just General Admiral Aladeen Driver & BodyGuard Igor "Sniper" Ristolainen and his DARTZ G-squad are ready to help You! As You can see we are specializing on G and GL-Class. We have chosen G-class for its military grade track record. Being born to be royal from one side, and born to be soldier - from other. That fits RussoBalt-DARTZ history and we can't dream about better platform than Mercedes AMG G/GL-Class. * prêt-à-porter armor - armoring of standard car with keeping it's low profile, while getting all the benefits of being a DARTZ customer. * haute couture armor - armoring using standard car chassis with engine & building totally new, bespoke, armored coach upon it, one word saying - DARTZ. Below You can see what can You choose from! http://dartzgrupa.com/www.dartzgrupa.com/us/g-squad