SAVE MY MOM - John Kinal Feb 23 2016

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In Winnipeg, the HSC hospital, term the elderly with perhaps organ
failure.. then poison them to death as merciful.. "now don't be cruel"
they told me repeatedly demanding I did, such poisoning to stop
immediately.. Had it finally stopped, and we found out.. mom did
NOT have organ failure..Like likely some of the thousands sent
to the morgue every year.. Get involved.. even if you live in
Timbucktoo.. for this involves everyone cheated a fair say,
falling victims all over.. This shouldn't be happening where
we are civilized.. Check out my radio streams for starters..

Please kind people, I need to find public interest in this story if I'm going to save my mother's life.


(you'll need to click the play button..)

Help Save My Mom

The Winnipeg Police head has refused to do right as in escaping those
responsible for attempting murder, along with the thousands of other
Winnipegers complaining (as the Province from the Health Minister's office
has told..) ignored by our newspaper too

To all concerned,

I'll try the ombudsman again tomorrow.. This situation is flying out of control.. On Friday,
with new doctors that replaced those that lied Jenny had multiple organ failure,
the new doctor, Dr. Necozy, told Jenny was "stable" and can come home.. so too,
I talked to Dr. Colister about getting a palliative health care program for mom at home
on Friday.. Now, this morning, they phone to tell the doctors have been changed once
more.. with bad news I'll need to come and talk to them about in person.. nothing over
the phone..In fact, when I phoned Dr. Calister, no answer whatsoever repeatedly..
His phone number, 204 787 7134. Forces of a serious so
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