The-Winnipeg-Health-Sciences-Center-Murdered-My-Mother (1)

Mr. John Kinal Demands Justice for Jenny Kinal My mother was murdered on March 8th, 2016, by the actions of Dr. Colister, at Winnipeg's Health Sciences Center.. Whereby, after consulting my mother Jenny and me, he told of no new medications would be prescribed.. For a woman heavily drugged every which way, but initially denied her thyroid medication that I had to fight for as reasonable.. Then denying all antibiotics apposing our wills to truly care.. as I explained to Dr. Chisic of her madness on March 8th, 2016.. since the recent speculative lead up to this appearing of an air born infection, that will in some likelihood, take the healths of many weakened others.. like the staff! This house of hellish horror, of Winnipeg's Health Sciences Center, H4, is a place of the wickedest evil ever witnessed by yours truly I must say. Anyway.. the hell of it is, Dr. Colister secretly told the day Nurse for Jenny, a named suspect labeled Colette.. 'that if it should warrant'.. use this new order for scopolamine, in conjunction with her fentanyl.. A concoction, substantiated together, paralyzed my mother to a position of suffocation. "Fentanyl is estimated to be 80 times as potent as morphine " "Scopolamine: Dangers of the Devil's Breath" When Jenny was ever questioned, she spoke of no pain, and no interest of being doped further out of her wits, without she was, the claimed multiple organ failure, but suffering with dementia.. Medicine? Figure it out.. the police haven't had the public interest just yet.. despite the thousands of similar complaints, and Night Nurse Charlene telling, in the SEVEN YEARS she worked there.. not a single person has ever been capable of escaping her horror show.. "Cofort Care" in H4 at the Heath Sciences Center.. Winnipeg. Call the cops.. Call the President. Save That Man!