John Kinal - Protections of Persons in Care Act - Feb 24 2016

John Kinal - Protections of Persons in Care Act - Feb 24 2016 Please Help Me.. Most recent development: I've learned today, that despite Dr. T ordering that any changes in my mother's medications, be told about as approved firstly by me.. (such as earlier, 'medicine' to stop my mother from breathing] - have been done despite.. They have stopped giving her overdoses of thyroid medication, and instead of limiting the amount so she can swallow, have removed the medications all together.. Something vital if she is to survive they tell. And too, have removed all oxygen supplements, instead of measuring her oxygen blood level, to determine whether or not she is in need, as recommended by me, as anyone sane.. They have started with again with pain killers, apposing me, apposing Manitoba, apposing the human race.. She has no pain. Knowing full well, the last time they did this, it was to have her life ended. The government office for the protection of persons in care act, have informed me, they have thousands of similar complaints, that will go not looked at.. for two months while it's paid vacation time.. Even so though, they inform me, they in most circumstances, have no formal investigations conducted.. The ombudsman of Manitoba tells, they never fight for defending our rights, when it comes to government decisions of who to hire or fire.. But tells, I need to go to the college of physicians and surgeons.. Then I told him, they tell I need to go to the police.. And the police tell, I need tyo go to the college repeatedly, not listening.. He then suggested, why not take it up with the chief of police?. that doesn't take complaints, or phone calls.. My mom, could be anyone's mom here in Manitoba.. Where the newspaper states, this issue is not something we would cover.. Who is we? See? SAVE MY MOM. Please, give this inf