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Please kind people, I need to find public interest in this story if I'm going to save my mother's life.

My mom is being messed with meds to not be allowed to speak of leaving, while making it very
difficult to swallow...I really need any and all support I can find to save my mother's life.



On Feb 2,, 2016 after discovering my mother to be on death meds,
namely hydromorphone to hamper breathing for death, I demanded such
madness stop immediately.. telling Dr. T of all the witnesses the day before,
and the official record of Jenny up with several physiotherapists , Dr. T
agreed to call a halt.. Then ordering, that if Jenny, woman with 'multiple
organ failure' seems in dire need for such opiates, I will be called to witness
such anguish..

On Feb 3, RN Delaney phoned at 6pm to have me come to the hospital,
to okay the death meds (hydromorphone) - I arrived in 7 minutes to witness
my mother appearing dead, with all the moisture gone from her skin, not
appearing to be breathing.. I talked to her of what I thought she was going
through, as incapable of taking a breath, due the poisons RN Delanely used
apposing Doctor's orders..How do we know this most certain? From Jenny
herself, for ten hours, telling of how she can not take a full breath, just as
such poison is designed.. Turns out, Delaney and Dr. T were wrong that
mom had total organ failure.. How's that? It's called attempted murder..

There are a possible number of other murder victims..

Take this in person to your neighborhood police station..

Save an innocent life.. What if it was yo
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