World Most Expensive Vpdka - RussoBaltique and World Most Expensive Caviar - Imperial Prix 1912

World’s Most Expensive - RussoBaltique Vodka, featured in "House Of Cards" and World’s Most Expensive Caviar – RussoBaltique Imperial Prix 1912Set of DARTZ car ownership privileges are going to Cannes.And it is not random. This voyage has historical roots. First RBVZ (later BTAZ, then DARTZ) cars which were sold under label RussBalt (RussoBaltique) visited Cote d'Azur more than a hundred years ago, in 1912.Brave or insane Russian Team led by A. Nagel and copiloted by V. Mikhailov proved an unbeaten record.RussoBaltique car leaving on December, 31, 1911, finished first accomplishing 3257 km in 195 hours 23 minutes, with average speed 16,3 km/per hour. Driving a convertible, freezing in minus 25` weather, they used 600 liters of gasoline.Nagel received an Award for Best Route and for Endurance, however in General Classification he placed only 9th. The committee didn’t take into account the difficulties of the Russian winter routes, whereas other teams’ toughest conditions didn’t come even close to this.After the announcement of the results, awards, banquet and closing race in Monaco, A. Nagel and V. Mikhailov drove the RussoBalt another 1,000 kilometers to the French riviera and Italy. They had unbelievable parties in Cannes and Nice. In Lyon, they loaded car and took a train back to St. Petersburg.Of course their bravery and insanity was one of the things helping them succeed, but was it the only one?Absolutely not.If we look carefully on their original car we can find golden balloons, containers for pure military spirit, which drivers mixed with Alp water on their route.And that's how RussoBaltique Vodka was born.We don’t declare that RussoBaltique Vodka is made from ubergrains and zillion times filtered with coal, silver or gold. It’s pure military spirit mixed with crystal clear alpine water. Alright, we couldn’t help it, it's diamond filtered, plus a natural diamond filter is implemented in bottle and you can easy see how Vodka passes through a natural diamo