"Relax baby, its me." He didn’t listen. He tripped over a box, cursed, and finally made the switch. When the light came on, I was propped up on my elbows, my huge tits only slightly sagging, pulling down and slightly to the side, and my nipples pointing straight at him. "Holy fucking hell. I mean shit. Fuck. Where in the sam hell did you get those?" "Come sit down and we can talk." "Really. I haven’t been gone that long. Baby. Baby? Really? Those things are enormous." "Honey. Come here. Talk to me. Sit." He came over and looked at me. He broke eye contact and looked at my tits. I sat up so I was closer to him, and still staring at my nipples, he reached out, and within an inch pulled back and looked at me as if to ask permission. "You can tough them. Its me." He finished his route to my chest and touched my nipple as if it was a button to an elevator. He pushed in hard and made my tit raise, and then let it go. "Those are fucking real." "Yeah." He grabbed my face lightly. "Hey, you even look a bit different." I jumped out of bed and turned around. I hopped up and down a bit and then smiled. "Holy shit. You are fucking amazing. I mean you always were, but how in the hell did this happen. Your ass, those tits, and you look, well, younger." I reached under my tits and pushed them up. "So do you like the changes I made?" "But how in the hell did you do this?" I moved toward him as he sat on the edge of the bed and put my tits in his face. "Don’t ask questions. Just enjoy." He took my nipple in his mouth and I closed my eyes. I felt him squeeze one breast while he licked and kissed the other, then he switched, eventually squeezing them together and circling my nipples together. He dropped my tits and watched them fall and giggle, then repeated the process a few times. The last time, I pulled away a bit and noticed his hard cock was sticking through his boxers. It was all the signal I needed. My husband has an average cock, so it was no problem getting my lips to the base of him and stick my tongue out to wiggle his balls. I wanted his cock so bad at that point that I could have sucked it to pieces, but I knew I couldn’t go on for long or he would lose it. After only two or three minutes, I pulled back and reached for the band on his boxers. I pulled them down, and to help me he sat up and scooted back on the bed as they came off. I climbed on the bed over his legs, and with one movement, his cock was inside me. This wasn’t about welcome home love making. This was about raw fucking. I pounded down on his cock. I wanted him to break me. I took breaks and grinded on him, feeling my large clit grab and rub against his stomach. When I started bouncing again, the feeling that I loved, my tits flying around began anew. The pain from their quick movement and slapping against my stomach pushed me over the top. As my orgasm built, I leaned back, and with the last smack down on him, I erupted. My juices shot out of my pussy. The arch of the fluid reached his face and with the second and third shot, I soaked his chest. I leaned forward and my tits came in contact with his wet chest, and when I did my clit pressed against him, and it set me off again. I felt my cum soaking him, and the sound of pounding was replaced by the wet squishy sound of my soaked pussy. I couldn’t even feel him anymore. I stood and used his boxers to dry myself, and he stood beside me, his hard cock pushing into my side. He knelt before me and put his tongue against my clit and the feeling almost made me lose my balance. "I can’t take that right now. Just fuck me. Please." He listened without saying a word. He took my wet nipple in his mouth, but I tore it from him, turned around and getting on my knees on the bed. When I got in position, I turned around and looked him square in the eyes. "I want you to hurt this pussy." "No. I want you on your back. I gotta see those tits as I fuck you." I didn’t argue, flipping over quickly, and even before my tits stopped giggling, he had my legs in the air and was pumping his cock into my pussy. I could still barely feel his dick, but the pressure was immense. My tits were flying everywhere, and I knew from experience that he couldn’t keep this pace up. With all the force against me, I didn’t think I could either. Although I wasn’t dry, I was getting sore, but there was no need to worry. With one last thrust, I heard him grunt and then scream. After a pause, his grip on my legs increased and his pace reached a furry. Suddenly he came to a hault, pulled out and fell on the bed beside me. He didn’t ask any questions. He got up after a moment, turned the lights out and then climbed in bed next to me. He pulled in next to me, wrapped his arm around my chest and put his hand on my breast, and after a few moments, as his cum began to leak out of me, I knew he was asleep. In the morning, I turned over and the bed was empty. I called out his name and didn’t hear anything in return. Thinking nothing of it, I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom, sat down and peed. I wiped and stood, looked at myself in the mirror, then smelled the dried sew and sweat. I had to shower. As I stepped out and dried myself, Mark stood in the doorway. He stood there smiling. "What?" He didn’t say anything. "What are you grinning at?" "Nothing. I discovered your little secret." Panic surged through me. Had he discovered the phone numbers? Looked through my phone? Then I saw what he had discovered. He took off his shirt and had the most chiseled body I had ever seen. He pulled down his shorts, and his soft cock went half way down his leg. I dropped my towel and went to him. I rubbed my hand down his abs and grabbed his dick in my hand. It was liking grabbing a thick sausage. I walked past him and pulled him behind me with his dick. When we got to the bed I turned around, grabbed his waste and pulled him around to the bed, pushed him down and then dropped to my knees. I pulled his cock to my mouth, raising it, and before I put it in my mouth, I saw his enormous balls. They had to be the size of racket balls. I wrapped both my hands around his cock and there was still three or four inches protruding from my fist. My fingers barely reached around it. I put the head of his cock in my mouth, and the soft skin was amazing. His size easily filled my mouth. After a minute I could barely fit his girth in my mouth. His size was increasing to the point where I couldn’t sit on my legs anymore, and pulling back to admire the thing, I was in total awe. It was the biggest, most amazing cock I had ever seen, and it scared the shit out of me. "I want to fuck you." I was scared out of my mind. "Honey I don’t know. This thing is huge. You’ll kill me." "I’ll be gentle. I just gotta see what its like." I got on the bed, turned on my back (no way that thing was doing me dogy, and He stood in between my legs. "Go slow…. Really slow." He put the head inside me, and I felt myself spreading. As he pushed in, I felt myself part in ways I had never felt. He moved in and out of me, really slowly, eventually pushing inside me to the point where I didn’t think he could go in anymore. He stopped, and I seemed to relax, and he pushed in a bit more, and then there was a shotting pain and I screamed. "Shit, you hit my fucking cervix." I looked down and saw that there was at least 5 inches still not in me. He pulled out of me and started making slow thrusts, never getting as deep as he was, and it felt like my pussy was going numb. I pushed him away, and his dick pulled out of me and slapped against his chest. His dick almost reached between his chest. "I cant take anymore. Want me to suck you off or you want to titty fuck me?" He didn’t respond. He just stood up right, put his dick between my tits and squeezed them around it. My wetness provided all the lube we needed, and I quickly too over the control of my tits, and put the head of his dick in my mouth as I moved my jugs up and down his cock. It took no time, and he released the biggest cum shot I have ever experienced. My mouth was instantly filled, and the force was unbelievable. I instinctively pulled off his head to try to control the cum leaking out everywhere, when the second shot erupted and hit me in the forehead. The splashing sent cum all over. The third shot missed me completely, going over my shoulder, and finally I fell down on bed and let him jack off all over my body. I looked down and surveyed the damage. His cock was already getting limp, but his cum covered my stomach and tits, running down my sides and onto the sheets. We were both out of breath. "Ok. 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