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Grandparents and grandchildren are persuading each other, suddenly saw the green plum hurried in, looking at Luo Qijun, a look of desire to speak and stop.Luo Qin suddenly woke up,industrial racking systems, immediately stood up, with Luo Qijun and green plum toward the inner room, loquat and banana saw, then into the outer room, vigilant guard. A few people watched it." Luo Qijun listened, nodded in silence, and then looked at Luo Qin. Luo Qinshi was listening carefully with her eyes slightly closed. Seeing that there was no movement in the room, she opened her eyes suspiciously. Seeing that Luo Qijun was looking at her, she said with a smile, "According to your grandmother's mind, I really want to catch him and interrogate him well. Since you still want to see who he will contact, Teardrop Pallet Racking ,push back racking system, let you." When Luo Qijun heard this, he twisted his face and looked at Qingmei and nodded with a smile, telling her to go down. Grandmother, as long as you are always in good health, it is the greatest comfort for Dad, Juner, Zhener and Xiaobao. Juner didn't intend to tell you,industrial racking systems, but he was afraid that you would get sick later, so he told you all today. Don't get excited, otherwise Juner's sin will be great. Said Luo Qijun then pitifully looked at Luo Qin expectantly.