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What Will You Receive On TheKingLive? The Best Website Providing Top Product Reviews

Hi guys! I'm Jennifer Rodriquez, the leading Assistant Editor of the TheKingLive website.

As one of the prestigious website's critical members writing the best product reviews, I'm here to offer you practical guides on various homecare, babycare, or outdoor subjects. My editorial team consists of experienced and passionate individuals and I publish product reviews, how-to guides, and other types of articles daily.

Our core value is to ultimately help you find the right household equipment to address home-related problems so that you would have the best lives like kings.

We prioritize providing reviews about the latest vacuum cleaners and detailed guides about installing and using them on any laminate flooring since we believe that those machines play a crucial role in making your home clean.

What Will You Receive on TheKingLive?

Our mission is to help readers have a better life with precise and accurate pieces of information related to homecare subjects, including:

  • Home and Garden: Whether you find vacuum cleaners, cordless drills, mattress toppers, or washing machines, we are always willing to provide you the right product.
  • Kitchen and Dining: With objective, relevant, and knowledgeable articles, you can find valuable tips and tricks to work with coffee makers, pressure cookers, and coffee grinders here.
  • Babies and Kids: If you are wondering where to buy and how to use baby monitors and high-end breast pumps, visit our Babies & Kids section. We are devoted to bringing you a more comfortable life with toddlers and babies, especially for new parents.
  • Outdoors: At TheKingLive, nature lovers can find anything from hiking boots, coolers, hiking pants to pocket tools and multi-tools. Usually, we devote ourselves to giving you incredible product deals.

Why Do You Need to Trust us?

As long as you are dying to tackle housework successfully or you want to know more about home care products, we are always ready to help you.

Personally, ever since I was a child, I was always profoundly into pets like cats and dogs. Plus, my experience (and favorite) in doing thorough tests and research about house devices for such a long time has helped me a lot to make various home improvements.

Consequently, I want to share with you my experience as both the mommy of one feline and canine and a ten-year writer and editor.

How Do We Make the Best Reviews Guide?

At TheKingLive, we are proud of making the most outstanding guide reviews on a wide range of products.

To discover and show you the most stunning machines, we always rigorously follow four steps: researching, ordering, testing, and reviewing.

#1 Doing Researche

First and foremost, I gather information about which is popular or not on the market. For instance, before giving you in-depth reviews about Shark NV360 vacuums, I have found and analyzed hundreds of related papers. Often, I consider crucial factors about the vacuum, such as specifications, maintenance, usability, and other features. When the work is done, it's time for the test drive!

#2 Ordering

When a device is selected, my team orders it precisely the same way our clients do: find a selling website like Amazon or Walmart, provide our information, and take the package after a few days.

#3 Testing

The next step is to put the device to the test. While different products have different pieces of information, we always compare them through similar criteria, such as functions, qualities, and extra values.

Depending on the results, we score the products and evaluate their performance, showing accurate data.

Some customers ask me about the long-term tests. Honestly, my current team is relatively small. Besides, we often choose brand new machines to ensure giving  updated information.

So, unfortunately, we lack the resources to do extended tests on most of our products.

On the other hand, we have an enthusiastic team of volunteers side by side. They are close friends and families of TheKingLive members. They take our products and periodically give us the machines’ condition.

Whenever they find any problem, such as cracks, battery life, or longevity issues, we try our best to help them. Of course, we update the unbiased top reviews and include those solutions.

#4 Comprehensively Reviewing

After severe tests and research, final reviews are provided on our website. They involve pros, cons, enough information, and often our scores about the device. Because we understand each customer has their view about how a product benefits, we give our opinions, and there are also exact numbers and documents attached.

But How Do We Score The Products?

We take pride in our detailed rating and scoring products. Unlike other websites, which only give general numbers for all kinds of machines, we depend on the purpose of each type to mark.

For instance, on vacuum sites, we rate a vacuum cleaner based on four factors: durability, filtration, maneuverability, and features. However, we choose the design, performance, maintenance, and ease of use to score when it comes to coffee grinders. Always, we understand that people with difficult circumstances and characters require different stuff.

But, we still have a common point, which is a 100% scale for all factors:

  • <80% (fragile): Products that are scored lower than 80% are considered to be extremely weak
  • 80-85% (weak): Products that are scored from 80% to 85% are considered to be a little weak
  • 86-90%(fine): Products that are scored between 86 and 90% are fine
  • 91-95%(good): Good are products scored from 91 to 95%
  • 96-100%(exceptional): From 96 to 100% are exceptional products

Last but not least, at the website, you might notice a pre-test top review. That means we do not test those products by ourselves, but we have thorough research about them.

That might have roots in its similarities with tested products or the low demands of clients about them. Besides, we might want to show some initial opinions before doing the test.

How To Contact Us?

If you still have doubts or want to submit requests, please do not hesitate to contact us through our website or:

- Phone: (1) 206-656-1275

- Address: 4150 Portillo Rd #29, Spring Hill, FL 34608, United States

- Email:  [email protected]