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Bai Li put down the cup, threw his arms into his arms, hugged him tightly, and rubbed his head in his neck: "I'm so touched. " Zhao yuanchen: ".." I'm sorry, he was really not serious about the final grade. After thinking about it, he said thoughtfully, "It doesn't matter. You did your best." "It was the course in which I copied your paper." She was even more embarrassed,best whirlpool tub, "and it was lost by myself." "What do you mean?" Therefore, Bai Li has doubts about whether Qiao Xi will choose to report, after all, this kind of thing exposure is not good for her, but also easy to attract rumors, if Du Lu beat down, Chinese spa manufacturer ,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, the situation may be worse. What can I do for you? Zhao yuanchen asked. Bai Li felt a little embarrassed, but said realistically, "If she refuses to report it, can you help solve it?" In that way, people know that the road has not yet reached the end, and they must continue to work hard. Finally, Zhao yuanchen promised her: "Don't worry, you can wait for your friend's reply, if you don't wait for the answer you expect,indoor endless pool, then I can also solve this trouble for you, the results need not worry, when the time comes can certainly be recalculated." Bai Li suddenly had the feeling of being loved.