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Ecigator is one of the well-known vape brands spun off from Giftsoar Technology Co., Ltd, it’s an ISO-certified China vape factory for OEMs, ODMs, and OBM since 2010. The founder team comes from top firms with more than 10 years of experience in the vaping industry and has devoted thousands of hours to providing users with a better and better experience.


The most important factors to consider when buying a vape are safety and your personal preferences. Performance and flavor perception are also important, but there are other things to check before that. In other words, in addition to being a reliable vape manufacturer, you should always check the after-sales service and warranty system after purchase.

1. focus on the manufacturer's track record and reliability

Generally speaking, there are no vape devices manufactured in Japan. There are OEM products that are manufactured overseas, and there are cases where a Japanese brand name is attached to an overseas-made vape, but in any case, the country of manufacture is not Japan. To begin with, vape technology was developed by Chinese companies, and Chinese manufacturers lead the world in terms of price and technology.

In the past, there was a high negative image of Chinese companies' products, but as the quality of products manufactured by Chinese companies has been improving, there are more and more reliable manufacturers in China. Among them, long-established vape manufacturers and major manufacturers have obtained the CE mark (conformity with European quality standards) and ISO (global quality and environmental standards). Therefore, just because a product is made in China does not mean it is a bad product.

However, it is also true that vape products are more dangerous than regular consumer electronics products if a defect occurs in the vape because it is something you put in your mouth and use. In rare cases, there have been accidents overseas in which people have been injured or burned by explosions caused by poorly made batteries. Therefore, it is important for buyers to avoid such risks by purchasing reputable brand-name products from reputable stores with a large number of users and by observing proper usage. 2.

2. beginners should use specialized vape stores as much as possible

There are many places to buy a vape. In addition to specialty stores and online retailers, they are sold at major electronics retailers, variety stores such as Don Quijote, drug stores, home centers, and many other places. Vape specialty stores are also increasing, especially in urban areas, and are especially recommended for vape beginners, as they can consult with customers on their preferences and budgets while making their selections. There are also other advantages to purchasing from a specialty store.

For example, even if you purchase a vape from a well-proven vape manufacturer from China, there are cases where the initial product is defective. Online shopping is convenient, but there are many stores that do not offer a warranty even in the case of initial defects. However, if you purchase from an authorized dealer of the manufacturer or from a reliable store, they will promptly replace or refund your money. Then, most vape products do not come with Japanese-language instruction manuals. In some cases, you may not know how to use the product, and in such cases, a specialized store will be able to help you in a friendly manner, so you can still be assured of peace of mind. When you want to find a product or flavor that suits your tastes, it is best to go to a specialty store for advice and reference.

Recommended vape specialty store

vape studio" is a specialty electronic cigarette (VAPE) store that carries only high-quality products. It is operated by Tradeworks Corporation, a group company of a company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and can be trusted in terms of safety and security. vape studio" sells products that have passed a certain level of quality standards, and has an attractive product lineup that satisfies everyone from first-time vape users to advanced vape users. In addition, "vape studio" has employees stationed in the vicinity of overseas vape manufacturers, so there is always a new lineup of products available. Even for those who want to keep up with the latest trends, "vape studio" has new products that you can't afford to miss. Let's take a look at the four advantages of visiting a "vape studio" store.

1. a wide variety of products

vape studio carries about 250 types of liquids and 50 types of vape kits. The vape studio has the most extensive lineup among the many electronic cigarette (vape) specialty stores in Japan, with a wide variety of products to meet various needs. We have the widest selection of liquid from all over the world, including North America, Malaysia, and Japan. 2.

2. the fastest lineup of the latest vape products

At "vape studio," we sell new products that are hot in Japan and abroad, and we also sell exclusive products. New products arrive monthly, so you can find something new and different every time you visit the store. You can also try all new products for free. Rare products sold in limited quantities and "vape studio" original products are also popular. People who want to be among the first to experience vape products that are not available in the world can also visit the store.

3. one of the largest number of stores in the vape industry

vape studio has the largest number of stores in the electronic cigarette (vape) specialty store industry. There are four stores in Tokyo alone, and one in Osaka. Most stores are located within a 5-minute walk from the nearest station, making it easy to drop by on your way home from work.

4. excellent after-sales follow-up service

The availability of after-sales service is important for long-lasting enjoyment of vape products. Even if the vape you purchased is not working properly or you do not know how to use it, the staff at "vape studio" will provide thorough after-sales support. Of course, it is not only maintenance that the staff will kindly help you with. You can consult with the staff on various matters when making a purchase, and they will suggest products that match your preferences. In addition, if you have any problems or questions about a product after purchase, you can call toll-free and ask for advice on how to add a product or receive free maintenance.

We suggest buying at a specialty store!

Electronic cigarettes (vape) are a new generation of luxury item that differs from traditional cigarettes and heated cigarettes. It can be difficult to find a product or flavor that matches your taste from the many manufacturers and brands available. Therefore, it is better for those who are just starting out or are new to vaping to purchase their electronic cigarettes (vape) from a specialized electronic cigarette (vape) store. vape studio" is an electronic cigarette (vape) specialty store that offers a wide range of products and a complete follow-up system. Why not visit the store nearest to you?