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The man said No, this was rather empty. He put his hand out, My name is Will. I shook his hand and said I'm, Steve and this is my wife Emma. Will turned to his wife and said this is Rachel. Rachel was also attractive with long jet black hair with dark brown eyes. Will was tall and very broad. He probably worked out all the time. Even-though, I work out, I was small in comparison.
Will stated that he was here on business to close out a real estate deal. He stated that they come to Vegas four times a year. I said that this our first time. Emma said that is a wild scene. Rachel said that they were going to see a show tonight- Bette Midler. We said that we were going to see the same show. We decided to walk over to the show together.
As it turned out after the show, we bumped into Rachel and Will. They suggested that we go to a club for a drink. He was a VIP and got us into the club as we walked past the people on line.
He ordered a bottle of Vodka for the table. He laughed, don't worry about as I will charge it as a business expense. There were people dancing and the scene was wild. Will and Rachel go up to dance, while Emma and I sat quitely. They walked back, Will said, Rachel may I have the honor, placing his hand out. Emma took his hand and they went on the floor dancing. Rachel said that Will loves to dance. I had never seen my wife dance like that before. They must have danced for twenty minutes. There was even a slow dance in which they did as well. They finally came back with Emma have a big smile on her face. After a few more drinks, laughing and telling stories, Rachel said why don't we go back to our room for a night cap? I thought is late but Emma said sure but she wanted to go back to our room to freshen up.
We went back to our room and Emma went to the bathroom. She came out and looked like a new woman. I said that Rachel and Will were a fun couple. Emma said that Will was so big. I looked at her, I didn't think that he was that big.
We went up to their room, it was a suite. The place was enormous with a living room, bedroom and a full kitchen. There was a bottle of champagne on ice. The champagne went down real smooth. The bottle was empty. Will turned to Rachel and asked her to get another bottle as he put on the music. Emma told me to help Rachel as she got up to dance with Will. I followed Rachel into the kitchen as they placed another bottle of champagne in the frig. As we walked into the kitchen, I could not take off my eyes off her ass which very tight. She turned around and caught me looking at her ass. She just smiled and crapped the bottle of champagne. She almost dropped it and I crapped it. She laughed, I didn't get a good grip on it as she crapped a tight hold on it. She looked at me, that isn't the only thing I would like to crap a tight hold of. We laughed, she said to me that she had to admit something, her and Will were swingers and they were very turned on by us. I just looked at her, I'm sorry but you have the wrong couple. She smiled, we will see.
We walked back into the living room and there was my wife sitting almost on top of Will.
We continued to drink and we were all wasted. Rachel stated she had lost at the tables and was disgusted. She laughed, I always lose at everything. Will said well not at everything. Rachel started laughing, that is true, I did will at that a couple of times.
I asked What did you will at? She said we had a contest-which woman gave the best head. Emma who has not given me head in fifteen years chimes in, I could beat you.
I could not believe what was happening, the two woman started arguing about the subject.
Rachel said okay that have a contest to see.Rachel looked at Will and I, okay, you guys drop you pants and sit on the counter. Rachel asked Emma, Will or Steve. Emma said Will of coarse, because he had the bigger dick. The women started sucking our dicks. I could not believe what was happening, Will and I are sitting on the counter having our cocks sucked by the other ones wife. Rachel lips were as smooth as silk as placed my cock in and out of her mouth. I could not stand it any longer and I came like I had never come before. I know that Emmas was not disappointed about losing the contest because she continued to suck Will's cock. She was very good at it as well because he did come a minute later. Emma and I left and went back to our room but did not say a word.
Day 2-
We met Rachel and Will at the pool. I had to put a towel over myself as the only thing I could think of was Rachel sucking my cock.
It got very hot and we were all drink at the pool. Will suggested that we go up to the suite to cool off. We continued to drink and we were all wasted again. The women disappeared which seemed for a long time and came back into the living room. They were only in towel which dropped to the floor. We contined to drink and Rachel was looking at Emma. Rachel said that since she won the bet last night, there was something that she wanted to do. She disappeared into the bathroom and came back out with a electric razor. She looked at Emma, I want to shave you. Emma said, you did win the bet, so she sat up on the counter and spread her legs. Will and I took off our bathing suits as Rachel proceeded to shave Emma. I watched Rachel get every hair while Emma started playing with Will's cock. Rachel said that ought to do it, and she ran her tongue on Emma's pink lips She continued to lick my wife's pussy as I stood there with my cock as hard as a rock. My wife was having all the fun, she had Rachel on her pussy and Will's cock in her mouth. Rachel stopped and turned her head, would you like some? Yes, I yelled, as my tongue was on Emma lips licking up all her juices. My wife starting shaking and moaning like I never seen or heard her before. She yelled I need a dick She jumped off the counter and took Will hand, and proceeded to the lounge chair. She laid down on the chair and spread her legs as he placed his cock inside of her. He was sliding his large cock in and out of her.
I turned to Rachel, I placed on the counter and spread her legs and proceeded to eat her out. She placed her hands behind my head in such a way that I could not move and the only thing that I could eat her out. I heard moans from both women. I had never eat pussy for such a long period of time. She took my over to the couch, she laid me down and climbed onto of me. She pussy was so wet and it was fantastic.
I could not believe what was happening, my wife was getting fucked by a stranger and I was fucking his wife at the same time in the same room. We fucked all day long.
We all fell asleep and didn't wake up until the next morning.
Day 3
We all took showers and Will ordered breakfast. We all decided to go the casino and gamble for a while. Nobody was winning until Rachel and I went to the crap table. We hit a lucky streak and lets say that we did very well. We meet up with Emma and Will and went for drinks. Rachel smiled, you know that this puts me in the mood
Up to the suite we go and off comes the clothes. We all went to the bedroom and I laid down on the bed and this time my wife starts sucking my cock and playing with my balls
Rachel sat on my head and her wet pussy was on my mouth. She must have crapped Will's cock and started sucking it. I'm a 35 year old man and I'm having my first orgy.
I had to go to Vegas for an orgy
We changed positions and the women where in the doggier position. Will stood behind Emma and started to place his cock inside Emma's ass. She turned around and said no, I don't want that. He said that is fine and proceed to place his cock inside her pussy.
Rachel looked at me, I want up the ass. I had never done this before as I played with hole and took my cock and placed it inside of butt hole. It was so tight. Each women was moaning louder and louder with each thrust. This time Will came first and collapsed onto the bed and I soon followed
What was to happen next, I could not believe. Rachel got up and went into the closet. She came out wearing a strap on. She had another and tossed it to Emma
Okay boys, it is your turn to get it. Emma put on the strap on which had a six inch dildo attached to it. I lifted my ass into the air. She played with my ass hole and then proceed to stick the dildo in. It would not go in. Rachel said, honey let me show you. She had an 8 inch dildo and justed shoved up my ass. I yelled in pain but a different pan and it started to feel good. At that point, Emma took the dildo and shove up Will's ass. He didn't make a sound as I was yelling. Each women must have worked us over for 30 minutes.
Rachel said they are done and now flip them over. Lets switch Rachel said, and my wife came over to suck my cock. She never moved as I came into her month and she sucked my dry.
Day 4
We went home and never talked about the experience ever again but it was one that I will never forget

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