However, the scene of Xuantian Lao Zu's horror appeared. The seemingly weak purple fire was swept by the spiritual tide, and became more and more vigorous. Finally, it turned directly from a mass of fire to a monstrous fire, covering it down. What kind of fire is this? Unexpectedly so overbearing! Xuantian Laozu's face was dignified,Adhesive fish ruler, and there was a faint look of horror in his eyes. When the purple inflammation was about to envelop Xuantian Lao Zu,Pi tape measure, Mu Chen just moved his mouth, and the purple inflammation rolled back and turned into plumes of flames that poured into his mouth and swallowed into his stomach.  Now that Xuantian Lao Zu has just joined him, Walking tape measure ,Wheel tape measure, there is no need to tell him all the cards. Swish!If he hadn't found that Mu Chen had nine divine veins, in fact, he didn't want to show any friendly side to these people in Mu Fu. But now it seems that Mu Chen's future is limitless. Mu Chen nodded slightly, he went to the ancient clan of the pagoda, mainly to rescue his mother, and this time,Walking measuring wheel, the more grand the situation, for him, is the best.