After Yue Xiang's back disappeared, Li Sanqi said in a low voice, "This man always goes his own way. If he wants to go, let him go!"! Besides, he has the virtue of getting to the bottom of everything. "He wants to act alone," said Luo Gang. Li Sanqi smiled and said, "He's always been like this. He doesn't like to cooperate with others. He's called the Shadowless Sword in Jianghu. Faintly, it includes his personality." "Shall we cooperate with him, Master Li?" Asked Luo Gang. "No," said Li Sanqi. "Let's follow the plan and let him act alone." "Well," said Luo Gang, "I've already transferred a few people from the Escort Agency. I think we have to set up a few hidden stakes in this matter. Otherwise, we'll be in the open all the time, and they'll always know our actions like the palm of their hand." "Brother Luo," said Li Sanqi, "what I mean is that I hope to find out about the four goddesses. That's the key point of the whole incident." Luo Gang said, "I've already asked someone to investigate this aspect, and I've already got some clues.". There was a very famous sculptor who created four statues of gods for the Fairy Temple, that is, the statues of the four goddesses. "Good!" Said Li Sanqi! The sculptor Where are you now? Let's go and see him. "It's not far from the man's house," said Luo Gang. "But if we rush to his house,30ml dropper bottle, I'm afraid we'll leak the news immediately." "What Brother Luo means is.." said Li Sanqi. Luo Gang answered, "I think it would be better to send someone to take him here, so that he can have plenty of time to find out the inside story, and he can also boldly explain what happened." Li Sanqi said, "As far as I know, most of the sculptors in general have a somewhat aloof and arrogant character. If I take him here, I'm afraid he won't cooperate." Luo Gang said with a smile, "I have made it clear that he is just a skillful craftsman,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, not a creative artist." "All right," said Li Sanqi, "send someone to pick him up." Luo Gang sent two men who came with Xu Fu. Moments later, the man was received. It was an old man in his fifties, very thin, and the kind of craftsman. Tan Changfeng folded his fists and said slowly, "What's your name?" The old man said slowly, "The old man's surname is Chen." "The old gentleman is a very famous sculptor," said Tan Changfeng. Old man Chen shook his head and said, "I started sculpting all kinds of portraits when I was eight years old. I am 58 years old this year. I have accumulated 50 years of experience. My greatest characteristic is that I am very similar in spirit to portraits.". Are you going to build a temple? Or do you want to create a portrait? ?” Tan Changfeng took out a large gold ingot of fifty taels of silver and put it on the table. "Take this, Mr. Chen," he said. Old man Chen looked at the gold ingot and asked, "Is this a deposit?" "We only want to ask you one thing, old gentleman, Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle ,Blue Bottle Serum," said Tan Changfeng. "What's the matter?" Asked old man Chen. Tan Changfeng said, "Are the four goddesses in the Temple of the Fairy and the Hall of the Xuannu created by the old gentleman's skillful hands?" "Yes," said old man Chen. "Well done," said Tan Changfeng. "It's really lifelike. Old man, what material is it made of? Old man Chen said, "It's not molding, it's carving. It's carved from a rare kind of cork." "It's a kind of cork," said Li Sanqi. "Is the old gentleman sure it's a kind of cork?" "Of course I'm sure," said old man Chen, "but I can't name the cork, and I don't know where it came from, because it's made of a very strange material. It's like human skin when you touch it with your hands. It's not easy to cut it. So it took me three months to make the four statues." Li Sanqi said, "The old gentleman's craftsmanship is exquisite. The carving is lifelike. It looks like a living person." Old man Chen said, "Alas, I know that it is very difficult for me to carve something new, but as long as there is one that I can see, the power of imitation is very powerful." "Well," said Li Sanqi, "what did the old gentleman see when he carved the four idols?" "Man," said old man Chen. "Man!" Li Sanqi was greatly surprised. Tan Changfeng and Luo Gang were also shocked by it. But old man Chen's startled look made the three of them alert at once. The old sculptor, who had not read poetry and books, might have changed his mind because of the astonishment of the three people and would not tell what had happened. Luo Gang laughed and said, "Old gentleman, you are so skillful. You can carve so similar in spirit just by looking at it. It's really very skillful." "No," said old man Chen, "I carved eight portraits of four different girls." "Why should four people be carved into eight statues?" Asked Li Sanqi. "I don't know," said old man Chen. "Each man carved two." Li Sanqi hesitated for a moment and said, "Is there any difference?" Old man Chen said, "It's a little different in size. It's exactly the same in other places." "Have you seen the statue of the Fairy Temple?" Asked Li Sanqi. "I've seen two places," said old man Chen. "I'm still not satisfied." "It's already very similar in spirit," said Li Sanqi. "Old man," said Luo Gang, "can you tell us what the four girls look like?" "Are you asking about the four girls?" Asked old man Chen. Luo Gang said, "Yes!"! Is there any secret that can't be told? ?” "No," said old man Chen. "It's just that the four maids all seem to be seriously ill." "Yes," said Li Sanqi! Their bodies It's never been good. Old man Chen said, "Oh!"! You know them ?” "So," said Li Sanqi, "when I saw the statues of the four goddesses, their faces were very kind. Were they very ill?" Old man Chen said, "I saw them in a big house. The lights in the room were very bright. They took turns to sit on a wooden chair. Everyone's face was very pale." "Old man," said Tan Changfeng, "when you saw them, it was night." Old Chen thought for a while and said, "It's always night. Every time, they're sitting in a wheelchair." "Every time the old gentleman sees them," said Luo Gang,Oil Dropper Bottle, "it's always at night. They all look sick, but under your colored pen, they don't seem to look sick at all." 。