Ru Meng hesitated for a moment, but when she saw Nian Bing's clear eyes projected through the mask, she felt a strong sense of trust in her heart for no reason. She sighed lightly and said, "That's right.". Our parents died of the plague when my sister was seven and I was five. When I was a child, my sister was very strong. In order to take care of me, she begged on the street every day. At that time, she was like a boy, surrounded by little beggars of the same age, and no one dared to bully us. My sister has always been very fierce to outsiders. It was not until my sister was ten years old that we were taken in by our benefactor, who took care of our food and clothing and taught us skills. Gives us a chance to get ahead. Please don't ask which side we belong to. Even if we die, my sister and I will never betray our benefactor. Nian Bing smiled and said, "I'm not interested in that. I just want to know what kind of stimulation your sister has received that makes her so hysterical." There was a tear in Ru Meng's eyes. "Among the orphans taken in by the benefactor, there was a very outstanding boy. He was very handsome.". And gentle, his ability is obvious to all, at the age of 20, has reached an unprecedented level of the great swordsman, at that time. We have said that one day, he will become a generation of Wu Sheng. I was fifteen and my sister was seventeen. I don't know when my sister had a crush on him, but she never dared to express her love and buried it in her heart, because she knew that he liked the daughter of his benefactor, although the daughter of his benefactor would only come back once a year, but he was always the happiest at that time. The elder sister knew that she could not compare with the daughter of her benefactor, so she had to bury her feelings in her heart. Finally, two years ago,interactive digital whiteboard, the daughter of the benefactor returned home again. He could not bear it any longer and expressed his love to the daughter of the benefactor. However, what he got was a refusal, a ruthless refusal, a refusal without any room for manoeuvre. At that time, he was greatly stimulated and went out to drink alone. The so-called care is chaos, the elder sister went after. That night, they did not come back, although my sister did not say, but I can guess what happened between them,digital touch screen board, since then, the relationship between my sister and him has been established, I am very happy for my sister, but there is always a sense of inappropriate. That year was the happiest year in my sister's life. They lived together and flew together during the mission. My sister could not care about anything except taking care of me. Seeing my sister so happy, I didn't have the heart to say anything more. I just prayed secretly that my guess was wrong. However, contrary to their wishes, after a whole year of their relationship, when the daughter of the benefactor came home again, he was excellent, as before, caring for the daughter of the benefactor in every possible way, everything was the same as before, the daughter still ignored him, when the daughter left, there was a quarrel between his sister and him for the first time, I remember clearly. They quarreled so much that I was worried about my sister, so I listened under their window all the time. The elder sister questioned him, smartboard for business ,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, why can't forget the daughter of the benefactor, he mercilessly hurt his sister, he said to his sister, he and his sister just have desire and heartless, the elder sister is just a substitute for the daughter of the benefactor, just a sustenance of his mood, also said that in his life, he will only love her daughter, even if in the future I will only love the daughter of my benefactor forever. The elder sister is a strong person, from that moment on, her heart died, she did not say much, because he is a benefactor, the elder sister has risen to the killing machine dispersed, but the elder sister has asked the benefactor to transfer, came here, with the identity of a prostitute to cover themselves, continue to help the benefactor work. I think, if not to repay the benefactor, I am afraid my sister had the idea of suicide, I saw her crying alone in the middle of the night behind my back more than once, my sister is really bitter ah! Tonight, the friend you are protecting came to the brothel. She is really handsome, even more handsome than the man my sister once loved. His gentle smile is somewhat similar to that man, so my sister's heart will be moved and she will kill him. I apologize to you and your friend for my sister. Please forgive her for her poor experience. In the future, I will persuade her not to do anything stupid. After listening to the narrative of the dream, read the ice heart trembling slightly, everyone has their own experience, if compared with the Ruyi sisters, perhaps they are still lucky. Her eyes fell on Ruyi's face, which was still a little pale, and she seemed not so hateful. Originally, a trace of resentment in my heart completely disappeared. Nian Bing sighed lightly and said, "I'm sorry, Miss Ru Meng. I didn't know your sister had experienced so many frustrations.". I should apologize to her and sincerely wish her a good home in the future. However, please tell your sister that a handsome man is not necessarily a bad thing. At least, not my friend. All right, take your sister home. I'll escort you. Be careful in the future. Ru Meng picked up her sister carefully and returned to the city under the escort of Nian Bing. She sent them back to the brothel until Nian Bing left quietly. At this time, the distant sky had revealed a touch of fish belly white. Not in a hurry to go back to the restaurant, Nianbing found a quiet corner, put away his outfit, sat cross-legged, put his spirit out, and felt everything around him. While slowly recovering their magic power, although the recovery speed is slower, but because of the spirit of release, you can perceive what is happening around you in advance, so it is relatively much safer. When Nian Bing felt that the street had begun to be bustling with people. When he woke up from meditation, the particularity of the same origin of ice and fire made his magic power recover very quickly, and at this time he had reached the best state again. He stood up and flicked the dust on his body, and now it was time to go back. I believe Ruyi should have woken up. I don't know how her body is. The first time after using magic to hurt people, let Nian Bing feel a little guilty, for Ruyi's experience,smart interactive whiteboard, he is still very sympathetic, after all, he also has a similar unfortunate experience.