But before she had finished speaking, she was stunned when she saw the scene in front of her. On the bed only when Guan changed down the clothes, where is the man's half figure? Ye Siya was stunned and looked at her in disbelief. (End of this chapter) 219. No Chapter 219 against an army Chapter 219 against an army When Guan stood by the wall in the doorway, he clasped his hands in his spare time and said in a leisurely tone, "What's wrong?"? To break into my room so indiscriminately is to see what my bed is like. "Impossible!"! Why are you the only one in the room? Ye Siya looked back and stared at Shi Guan. When she spread her arms, she seemed to think she was telling a joke. "Who else would be in my room besides me?" Everyone was confused, wondering why this Ye Siya was suddenly like this. Ye yuanshan saw the faces of the people and felt that he could not keep his face. Lesser, what are you doing? Hurry up and get out of the room! Ye yuanshan lowered his face in the shade. How could Ye Siya have thought that this would be the case, she clearly saw the man go in! Shi Guan must have hidden him! Just when they came over, Shiguan must have been afraid of being discovered by everyone, so he hid them! "Impossible, there must be someone in your room!" Ye Siya did not give up saying a word, ran over to look at the sofa in the living room for a while, and even squatted to check the bottom of the bed. After reading it, she found that there was nothing at all, and Ye Siya was a little uneasy. Is it difficult for Shiguan to send people out long ago? But she broke in so indiscriminately,Precision steel tubes, ignoring the public's comment that she was impolite, in order to catch the scandal of Shiguan and other men on the spot. If there was no one else in the room, wouldn't she be considered rude by everyone? Ye Siya, with red eyes, looked at Shi Guan, who was still at the door. Although Shi Guan smirked at her,side impact beams, his eyes involuntarily glanced at the bathroom. Ye Siya suddenly realized that Shi Guan must have hidden people in the bathroom! She could not help saying that, regardless of her father's reproachful eyes, she took her father's hand and went to the bathroom. Shi Guan immediately stopped them and asked warily, "What are you doing?" Ye Siya said firmly, "There must be someone hiding in your bathroom!" The crowd was even more puzzled, staring at the three of them in unison. Ye yuanshan was most afraid that others would think he was rude and wanted to pull Ye Siya back. Lesser, what are you talking about? How could someone hide in the bathroom? Ye Siya did not care about his father's scolding, ran to push open the door, and then opened the bathroom door, everyone did not believe at any time, but still curious to look there. Where is a person? Ye Siya was completely stunned, and only then did he realize that he had been turned into an army by Shi Guan! "Xiaoya!"! You're just being ridiculous! Ye yuanshan shouted angrily and dragged his daughter out of the room. Ye Siya took her father's hand in a panic and explained hurriedly: "No, stainless steel tube 304 ,aluminium coated steel tube, Dad, listen to my explanation!" Ye yuanshan completely lost face in front of everyone this time. He angrily shook off Ye Siya's hand and scolded him: "You are such an adult, but you still love to fool around!" Say that finish, he is angry negative hand, leave here. But he didn't even look at Shiguan during the whole process. All the people watching the scene of bustle also came out. When they saw Ye yuanshan's embarrassed and angry appearance, they were embarrassed to let the old-timers be laughed at. So Zhang Wenxuan smiled gently and told everyone that it was a misunderstanding, so he left with everyone. At that time, Guan stepped out and stared at Ye yuanshan, who had left, and when everyone could not detect it, his lips raised a sarcastic smile. Hey, Xiaoguan is so powerful and beautiful. How could Ye Siya succeed? (End of this chapter) 220. No Chapter 220 I knew it early. Chapter 220 I knew it long ago. Yi Han walked up to her and just wanted to ask what the hell was going on? Shi Guan urged him to leave and let him send the drunk Xiao Han back to his room first. When there was only one left at the door of the room, Ye Siya's weak cry on her face was immediately replaced by ferocious anger. She gnashed her teeth and looked at Shiguan, "Shiguan, you bitch, actually designed me in turn!" When Guan stood around his arms, his fingers touched his arms, and when he hooked his lips, his eyes rose naturally, saying: "If you can hurt me, why can't I set you up in turn?" Ye Siya absolutely did not expect that Shi Guan had discovered her stratagem ahead of time, and she seemed to have been greatly humiliated, especially in front of Shi Guan. Holding back the pain and hatred that splashed like oil in her heart, Ye Siya pinched her palm with her nails. No, she had never been so humiliated, nor had she ever given up. Especially for Shiguan! After a while, Ye Siya and Shi Guan looked at each other again, her eyes showing a deep hatred, and she said with a sharp sneer: "Shiguan, don't think you can make my father hate me by this means!"! After all these years, has your father ever recognized you? When she heard what she said, she thought it was ridiculous. She grinned in silence and shook her head at her. Ye Siya, what else do you have besides showing off to me? "You mention it again and again, but you dare not admit that you are inferior to me in other aspects." Ye Siya was shocked by her two words, and her shrill voice rang out: "You're talking nonsense!"! I have been the eldest lady of the Ye family since I was a child. You are just a wild girl that no one wants. What do you deserve to compare with me?! "Since there is no comparison, then why do you find me trouble from small to large?" Ye Siya grinned grimly: "Because I am happy to see you feel uncomfortable!"! Shiguan, you don't deserve to be compared with me at all! When Guan knew that she had this kind of obsession from childhood to adulthood,aluminium coated tubes, it was useless to say more to this kind of person, so he closed the door and went straight around her and left. Ye Siya turned to look at her in a haughty tone: "Just let you be proud for once!"! When I get engaged to brother Quan Nian, I will take good care of you again! 。 cbiesautomotive.com