On the second day of my uncle's house, my aunt took me to the mall and bought a lot of clothes for me. She laughed and said that she had always wanted to have a little daughter, so that she could dress up beautifully like a little princess, and then take her to the street to enjoy the envious eyes of passers-by. Now that I'm here, she finally got her wish. Aunt said so, although I faintly do not believe, but was seen so important, or can not help but happy. No child does not like new clothes, no child does not like beautiful and generous women to treat themselves gently and kindly. Except for Liu Chengyu, the man I call "brother". My aunt is so kind to me that I can't help wanting to be close to her children. Especially for such a good-looking boy, he even has red lips and white teeth than a little girl like me. But there was little smile on such a good-looking face, and most of the time he looked impatient. When his uncle and aunt talked to him, he always answered with "um", "ah" and "I know". They are not angry, and sometimes I even feel that they are trying to please him. In this family, my brother's status is the highest and my status is the lowest. Because I was eager to please my uncle and aunt,empty lotion tubes, and my uncle and aunt were eager to please my brother. So every time I saw him, I would put on a sweet smile and volunteer to go upstairs to call him at dinner. Sometimes I even wanted to talk to him, but I was always frightened by his eyes. He made me feel that I was really not a pleasant girl. Fortunately, although he was disdainful of me and never ignored me, he never embarrassed me. My aunt said he was rebellious and told me to ignore him. He's been spoiled by his grandmother, and now he's so lawless that no one can control him. She said. My aunt took me to her mother's home. Their family is a northerner,empty cosmetic tubes, so for her father, I also call her "grandpa" with my brother. When I was young, I was very simple, because my grandfather was a high official, so I thought his home was definitely more luxurious than my uncle's. I was fully prepared before I went, but I was a little surprised. Grandpa's house is just an ordinary courtyard, with a good environment and shady trees. The only special thing is that there are people standing guard at the gate of the courtyard, which makes me feel very imposing. Grandpa's yard is full of flowers and plants. Parthenocissus tricuspidata climbs along the wall to the third floor. It is green and very pleasant. Grandpa is a little serious, but he is very gentle when he talks to me. Grandma was very enthusiastic and kept greeting me to eat fruit and candy. She looked at me with a smile, either pulling my hand or touching my hair. My nervous heart finally put down, at that time, I was worried that they would not like me! My brother came here at noon. In front of his grandmother and grandfather, metal cosmetic tubes ,eye cream packing tube, he was quite honest. When his grandfather talked to him, he also answered seriously. It was rare for him to be so normal. I couldn't help looking at him a few more times, but he caught me by accident. He glared at me fiercely. I dared not look again. I snuggled up to Grandma and talked to her and Grandpa. They asked me about my family, and I answered obediently. Grandma and grandpa remind me of my grandpa and grandma, so in front of them, I actually relaxed and acted like a spoiled child, which made them very happy. I pretended not to see my brother's disdainful eyes. He walked past me during the meal and said, in a voice that only the two of us could hear, "Pug." My face was red, but I pretended not to hear and walked away quickly. I transferred to the district primary school and went to the sixth grade. At that time, Putonghua was not as common in primary schools as it is now. Every break, the campus is full of dialects, I do not understand, nor can I get a word in. My aunt and brother are both northerners. We usually talk in Mandarin, and I have no way to learn the dialect here. I dare not talk to my classmates, each of whom has the pride of a child in a big city in my eyes. Although they don't know where I come from, I just feel inferior for no reason. What is more troublesome is my grades. When I was a child, I was sent back and forth, and no one cared about it. I felt very free. After school, I spent most of my time playing outside with Liu Mengmeng. Now when I come to this class, I know how big the gap between me and them is! I didn't dare to tell my uncle and aunt, so I had to catch up desperately. Fortunately, I was not stupid, and I was able to keep up with the teacher's lessons in class. But there is always a difficult problem, I always want to break my head and can not think of a solution. I had to knock on my brother's door. Come in He said. When I opened the door and went in, he was engrossed in playing video games without glancing at me. I can only open my mouth: "Brother …" I have a problem that I can't do. Can you teach me? He finally looked at me, but did not open his mouth. He turned his head and played for a while. Then he paused the game with some disappointment and took my exercise book and pen. You can't even be that simple. You're a fool! He frowned and, with a stroke of his pen, wrote something down and handed it back to me. As soon as I saw that there was only one answer on it, I wanted to open my mouth again. He had already continued to play. I had to close the door quietly and leave. Standing in the doorway, I gritted my teeth and felt very regretful. I swore to myself that I would not look for him even if I met a difficult problem in the future! The next day I came to the classroom early, there were already several students sitting in the classroom, they were discussing cartoons around a girl. That girl is the only one I can name in my class-because she is the monitor. She is usually lively and lovely, and her teachers and classmates like her very much. I hesitated, but I finally walked over. Wu Jiaxin, I can't solve a problem. Can you help me explain it? The girl looked back and the sun shone on her white face. She smiled and said, "Good." I have my first friend since I came to this city. Wu Jiaxin is really lovely and warm. She said she wanted to talk to me for a long time,tube lip gloss, but she was afraid to approach me because I didn't wear a school uniform, my clothes were so beautiful, and I was always alone. I was surprised. I thought I was a country bumpkin in their eyes. emptycosmetictubes.com