With the field attack Zhang Li, see Zhang Li's defense as long as a little bit of force can be broken, but Lin Tian had to give up the plan to continue to attack Zhang Li, the red shadow, blink of an eye almost to his eyes. As soon as Lin Tian thought about it, the five-level purple armor was instantly hidden on the body surface, and at the same time, the field attacked the red shadow. Influenced by Lin Tian's field, the red shadow suddenly slowed down a lot. Lin Tian saw the red shadow clearly, but it was a three-tailed red-haired fox. The three-tailed red fox showed a fierce light in its eyes, and a little red light flashed on its right paw and pulled it towards Lin Tian. Level two, level nine, domain degree! If it is an ordinary God of the second order of this moment of kungfu can not judge these, but Lin Tian is not an ordinary God, the three-tailed red fox is far away when it is not easy to judge, but this is close, Lin Tian is quickly judged out. Previously, Lin Tian's field instantly killed three gods in the middle and destroyed the body of a God in the sixth rank, but that was in the case that they did not defend attentively. This time, the opponent was a God in the ninth rank, and when Lin Tian just attacked Zhang Li, he knew the horror of Lin Tian's field. Although Lin Tian succeeded in lowering the degree of the three-tailed red fox, but this is only relative, the three-tailed red fox's claw Lin Tian still can not avoid! "Sniff!" The three-tailed red fox's claws and Lin Tian's purple armor touch, suddenly sounded a sharp and harsh sound,x60 line pipe, the three-tailed red fox's claws are extremely fierce, Lin Tian's defense amazing five layers of purple armor was cut by the claws, but cut the purple armor is also the strength of the three-tail red fox, and did not really hurt Lin Tian's body! "Red Fox, kill Lin Tian!" Zhang Li retreated a little and shouted loudly that he had just been almost killed by Lin Tian, and that hatred for Lin Tian was tight in his heart. Shut up! It's not your turn to tell me what to do. The three-tailed red fox did not kill Lin Tian in the heart of some depressed, Zhang Li is still there YY, immediately provoked her to drink and scold! "You-hum!" Zhang Li snorted coldly and stopped talking. It's not fair to beat two out of three. Blackie, come out and do something,x56 line pipe, too. Lin Tiandao, he knew that with his present strength, if he did not use the power of the world, it would be quite difficult to kill the three-tailed red fox, but with the addition of Xiaohei, there would be no big problem! Jie Jie, it's very lively! As soon as Xiaohei came out, he laughed and said that he had not fought for so long. He was suffocated. "Boss, look at me. A small three-tailed fox dares to be arrogant in front of you. I really don't want to live!" The small black edge is speaking, the dragon tail waves, that three red foxes are pulled out of Lin Tian's side by his tail! In terms of strength, Xiaohei is the second level and the tenth level, while the three-tailed red fox is only the second level and the ninth level. In terms of combat experience, Xiaohei rises from the lower world to the divine world, fighting all the way to the divine level. It's a joke if the three-tailed red fox compares his combat experience with him; The most important point is that although Xiaohei's strength is only two or ten levels now, he has not forgotten the attack methods he comprehended. With his strength, he can combine the two attack methods at will to form his present field. This is very strong, a333 grade 6 pipe ,316l stainless steel pipe, very strong! The three-tailed red fox knew that he was defeated and wanted to escape. He thought that there must be no problem with his own degree, but he was cut off by Xiaohei at once. The strength is stronger than others, the field is stronger than others, the combat experience is still better than others, too bullying. But this kind of bullying, Lin Tian is quite happy to see! Zhang Li, do you have any help now? If not, we're going to have a good time! Lin Tian sneers at Zhang Li. "Lin, Lin Tian, I don't think there's any hatred between us. How about today's business?" Zhang Lidao, the one-horned black snake and Zhentian Dou, two people from the sky to the ground, from the ground to the sky is now inextricably linked, and the three-tailed red fox, but was eaten to death by Xiaohei, such a situation, but too beyond his expectation, thought it would not be too difficult to kill a Lin Tian, which thought that now it was time to threaten their own lives. No hate? You've forgotten me, but you haven't. Go to hell. Lin Tian field once again enveloped Zhang Li, a punch mercilessly hit his head in the past, this punch is only the strength, but Zhang Li that in the product artifact formation of the defense can not stand the attack, by Lin Tian this punch, the defense suddenly collapsed! Nope Zhang Li screamed, the body was burned by the terrible soul fire in an instant, but this time Lin Tian paid attention to a little, and did not hurt Zhang Li's soul, purple fire, Zhang Li's soul and the crystal disappeared in an instant! "Blackie, don't play. You'll do it later." Lin Tiandao. Hey hey, know the eldest brother, this three-tailed fox level is too excessive a little bit, play so a while is enough, play again I am afraid my level will become worse. Xiao Hei laughed, and with a flash of murder in his eyes, the three-tailed fox was already at both ends of his body and tail, and before his soul had flown out, he was secretly absorbed by Lin Tian into the world of Xiaoyao. Boss, there is another'master 'below. I'll go down and play with him. The little underworld, the'master 'in his mouth, was the one who signed the contract with the three-tailed fox. Seeing that his war pet had died, the man's face changed wildly and he was trying to sneak away, but he didn't expect that the little black guy was staring at him all the time. Lin Tian nodded: "Well, don't hurt your soul and bring it here." Zhang Li died, the one-horned black snake is not dead, he and Zhang Li signed a blood contract, now Zhang Li is dead, he regained his freedom, looking up to the sky is a loud roar, will open a little bit toward Lin Tian lightning rushed over. Boss, I'll leave the next one to you and Zhentian, and I'll take care of this guy. When Blackie saw the one-horned black snake rushing over, he was overjoyed. He was embarrassed to get involved in the battle with the one-horned black snake, but now,uns s32760 plate, the one-horn black snake rushed over. Zhen Tian, let Xiao Hei come. Lin Tiandao. Zhen Tian became smaller and fell on Lin Tian's shoulders. "Boss, who is he? Why haven't you seen him before?" 。 lksteelpipe.com