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"Why are you looking at me like that, silly boy?" When all the people were gone, Aofeng looked back and saw Long Fei's eyes. Mayor Li Wen's work efficiency is very high,china tile trim, the next morning, Tan Lin personally sent the information needed by Aofeng. Said to be information, in fact, is a memory crystal, people in the north do not need any paper books, all use this memory crystal to record events, Ao Feng feels that this is somewhat like a computer CD, a memory crystal can store a lot of things scary. This information is quite rich, including not only all the issues of the North Wind and Cloud List published by Tongtianlou in the past thousand years,metal trim manufacturers, but also many peerless strong people who are not on the list, as well as those who have become famous in recent years, probably all of them. The memory crystal reads: 839 years ago, Lord Sting entered the rank of Lord at the age of eighty-eight. 771 years ago, Lord Yaohui entered the rank of Lord at the age of 52. Seven hundred and nine years ago, Lord Tunri entered the rank of Lord at the age of ninety-three. Five hundred and three years ago, stainless steel tile trim ,tile trim manufacturers, Lord Xinghui was born and became the youngest Lord in the history of the North at the age of 16, which shocked the world! But not two or three years later, the Star Lord went directly to the land of the gods through the Northern Transport Array. Now I don't know what he has become.  At the end of the rookie list is an 82-year-old one-star God King. These four perverts are really perverts! Ao Feng put away the memory crystal, sighed lightly, and thought to himself: Xu Lai,aluminium edge trim, I am now in the fifth place in the rookie list at most. Chi has not yet awakened. With my own strength, even if I use the Royal Armor, I am no match for them. I can only compete with them after I become a God emperor. It is impossible not to work hard.. 。