At this time, the girl in blue who had not spoken all the time suddenly spoke: "Haha, this handsome little handsome man is really too good at talking." Who raised you? Ha ha ha ha, don't make us laugh any more! I had a bad feeling when I saw her smile nondescript. Sure enough, she continued to taunt, "I'd like to know what Mr. Mei Ying used to raise you."? Don't you have sex with him every day? I also want to know that men and men.. How do you do that? Although I had a premonition that she would mention my relationship with Nongyu, I would never have thought that she would speak so bluntly, much more directly than the girl named Jiuling last time. I was so angry that my face burned, but I could only stammer: "You.." You Don't bully people too much. She stared at my face for a long time, laughing even more rampant: "The original legend of the male pet is like this?"? She has a woman's face and blushes as easily as a big girl. However, what is more funny is that Mei Ying's son is really a man and a woman. Do you get along well with Yan Wu? Ha ha ha ha! I can't help but want to vomit when I think of the way you and Yanwu are jealous and the two big men, Nongyu, stick together. It's so dirty. How can there be such a disgusting person in the world.. At this time, even Lao Zhang, who had been helping me, looked at me with very surprised eyes: "Mr. Wen, you and Nongyu..." I gritted my teeth, my eyes were staring at the ground, my whole body was trembling with anger, I never knew,plastic pallet bins, I never knew. The relationship between me and him is spurned by people! I thought people would just think we were strange, but I never thought of it. People think that just mentioning our names will make their mouths dirty. Because we are both men, between men and men, it is impossible to produce love. However, whether he is male or female, human or animal, or even a stone, a grass,drum spill pallet, so what. I like him because he is Nongyu. That's all. Weilan, don't say any more. The person who offended you is Nongyu, not this childe. His relationship with Nongyu has nothing to do with us. When the elder disciple saw that the girl in blue was still ready to go on, he interrupted her first. Then she turned to me and said, "You go back and tell Nongyu to pay for his life by killing people. I, Shuijing and Chu Weilan, will avenge my father and elder brother one day." I don't want to talk to them anymore. I just want to get out of here. But looked around, did not see the figure of Qin Yinyue. I wanted to wait for him, but I found that I couldn't stay here for a moment at this moment, so I jumped on the treetop and flew to the outer edge of Songshan Mountain. Heavy fire, clouds and treetops flew past me, my feet rubbed against the branches, and I kept telling myself: I don't care what others think of me, I still have Nongyu. As long as he doesn't abandon me, collapsible pallet box ,secondary containment pallet, I can accept anything, even if he is using me, even if he has no feelings for me. Then, let me watch over him. That's enough. I ran until my internal force was exhausted before I stopped. It was already dusk, and there was a small teahouse in front of it, with old wooden tables and chairs in twos and threes at the door, and cloth curtains with the word "tea" written on them swaying gently in front of the room dyed red by the sunset. I was about to walk there when someone patted me on the shoulder. I looked back and saw that the man was Lao Zhang. He was no longer veiled, and when I looked at his face, I found that he was really not a little ugly. The facial features of the face can be said to be extremely difficult to see. It's just that he gave me a good impression, and I didn't have the strength to ask any more questions. I just said indifferently, "Why are you following me?" Laozhang smiled: "There are always disappointments in life. If you are so sad when you encounter setbacks, I'm afraid you will collapse one day." I also gave him a smile back, but I guess it was worse than crying. Go to the front shop and sit down. He asked. I nodded feebly and sat down at a table with him. Lao Zhang asked the waiter for a pot of tea and some flan. But the people in this shop are sloppy in their work, and no one serves food for a long time. Laozhang called the waiter, but saw him walking towards a guest. He flattered the guest with a smile on his face: "Master Yang, I haven't seen you here for a long time. You must be very busy recently, right?" The man, who was called Yang Helmsman, wore a tiger-skin vest and leopard-print boots. His eyes were as big as brass bells, and he had ears. His lips were thick and big, but he had two small handlebar moustaches. He looked very awkward. But he is a proud look: "I am looking at your sweet mouth to come here, otherwise you this shop, ah, should have closed!" " When the waiter heard this, he nodded his head like beating a drum and said, "Yes, yes, yes. Master Yang has come to the shop, but we can't repair our good fortune in three lifetimes.". What news does the helmsman want to know when he comes back? There are many people passing by here every day, and the news comes quickly. What do you want to hear, as long as I know. Before he had finished speaking, he shut up, because the helmsman Yang waved his hand to him and said impatiently, "Where did so much nonsense come from?"? Just tell me the point! "This time I've come on a special trip, on orders from our cockroach king, to inquire about the news of Nongyu's fellow." King of the cockroaches? Isn't that the cockroach blood king. How his men ended up here. The waiter immediately answered, "Ha, Master Yang, I've been asking about Mr. Mei Ying recently.." Oh, no, there are enough people who have heard from Mei Ying. You are the fourth one today. But recently his whereabouts are uncertain, and no one knows where he has gone. Hey, except for one person. Helmsman Yang couldn't wait to ask, "Who is it?" Waiter smiled and said, "Wen Cai." As soon as I heard my name,collapsible pallet box, I broke out in a cold sweat. Did they find me already? Lao Zhang, who was sitting beside me, also looked at me nervously and said nothing.