Reborn Beauty SnatcherMurong Ningyu didn't even listen to the morning class because there was no Liu Yuyan's class except for the first self-study class If there is no beauty to appreciate why do you listen to it So Murong Ningyu naturally lay on his desk looking for the Duke of Zhou to play chess Fortunately Murong Ningyu is the last row of the most corner of the position sleep for a whole three classes were not found Ye Jingxuan wanted to come to Murong Ningyu after every class but she couldn't bear to wake him up when she saw him sleeping so soundly Poor Murong Ningyu will not be abused by the two witches he said But just because she doesn't bother doesn't mean no one does Wow that girl is so beautiful it belongs to me! Bai Qingqing pointed to Murong Ningyu's deskmate and shouted excitedly Murong Ningyu covered his head which was woken up by Bai Qingqing and glanced at Xia Qi whose face was flushed by Bai Qingqing's words and then looked at Bai Qingqing whose eyes were shining at Xia Qi Murong Ningyu stretched out his finger lazily pointed to Xia Qi then pointed to Ye Jingxuan in the distance thought for a moment then pointed to Bai Qingqing and then said slowly "These three are mine the others are as you like" "Murong Ningyu!"! Who is yours If you don't give it you don't give it Why do you pull me You don't know me Xia Qi can we sit together Bai Qingqing pushed Xia Qi a little impolitely and sat down with her in her seat Xia Qi and Bai Qingqing are both very slim girls and it's not obvious how crowded they are sitting in one seat Uh Well but OK Xia Qi was afraid to promise Minerals & Metallurgy Hey Bai Qingqing don't scare my deskmate! "Oh damn Murong Ningyu!"! Take care of her before you get it! Do you still have eyes for me "When you fall in love with me I will have you in my eyes" You Forget it it will take at least a hundred years "Never mind I'll wait for you" Murong Ningyu curled his lips Demons live more than a thousand years a hundred years and so on! You won But what about our previous deal As he spoke Bai Qingqing threw a wink at Ye Jingxuan who was peeking this way and Ye Jingxuan was so frightened that she immediately turned around and pretended not to see anything Cancel Murong Ningyu naturally knew that Bai Qingqing was talking about a deal to exchange herself for Ye Jingxuan Now Bai Qingqing has been booked in his eyes and labeled "Murong Rabbit" Do you still need to change it You You unilaterally tore up the treaty! Compensation You have to pay for it Just give me the beauty next to you How about it Am I honest enough Bai Qingqing naturally would not say this to his face but to Murong Ningyu I'm like this What's wrong with you! I can't punish you now but you can't bully me I won't change it China Factory You can go to soak it yourself if you have the ability Murong Ningyu took out the great spirit of the rogue and confronted Bai Qingqing Whoo I shouldn't have trusted you a heartbreaker Ye Jingxuan has been broken by you how can I soak ah whoo you this heartbreaker how good you were to me at the beginning now after seeing the body of others you don't want others whoo heartbreaker! Heartbreaker! The last few words were shouted out by Bai Qingqing [Chapter 049 of the Murong Family] "Heartbreaker!"! You are a heartless man Heartbreaker Heartbreaker Heartbreaker Heartbreaker (Note The last few heartbreakers above are echoes) Heartbreaker three words echoed in the classroom for a long time originally the last few words of the sound were called out by Bai Qingqing All the people who heard the voice were quiet and listened to the echo for a long time Murong Ningyu looked at a face of grievance tears filled with Bai Qingqing if not know that he did not do anything sorry for her then it is estimated that she will be moved by the way she looks now But Murong Ningyu knew that he had not done it but that did not mean that others also knew Murong Ningyu you are too much how can you bully such a beautiful girl! It's inhuman Unexpectedly the most active is the two freshmen Wei Sonan and Gou Yinjian at the same time very "justice" angrily rebuked Murong Ningyu On the surface they despised Murong Ningyu but in their hearts they were encouraging him Boss Murong Ningyu! Come on! Make this beauty angry again so angry that she doesn't want you and it would be better to throw you into my arms! Ye Jingxuan just frowned she believed Murong Ningyu but he clearly told her that he had nothing to do Energy with the two witches Looking at Bai Qingqing's heartbroken appearance Ye Jingxuan still frowned a little Bai Qingqing I will treat you a hundred times one day! Murong Ningyu secretly swore in his heart That Qingqing go home if you have something to say and don't quarrel here You are a beauty and you should pay attention to the influence Murong Ningyu originally wanted to get it done in two sentences but he didn't expect it to get blacker and blacker Talk about it at home Holy shit! Illegal cohabitation! It's too much! It's too bad! It's so inhuman! Wei Sonan stood out again pointing at Murong Ningyu's nose and scolding Murong Ningyu's eyes flashed with anger and Bai Qingqing took his hand and motioned him to calm down with his eyes The spirit of the Yin and Yang demon stone is based on the Yang spirit so now Murong Ningyu has a bad temper and being scolded by someone pointing at his nose is naturally angry No It's all Right Let's talk at home I I'll go back to my seat first Bai Qingqing appeased Murong Ningyu and quickly slipped away Murong Ningyu's strength now she is very clear if he is dizzy this teaching building will not want to stand again Murong Ningyu also thought of just mercilessly stared at Wei Sonan one eye also temporarily endure Of course it's just a temporary tolerance In the future it's uncertain whether someone will suddenly be hit by a flowerpot falling from upstairs or by a brick suddenly falling from the construction site or suddenly trip in a sewage pit at night The second brother of heaven and earth his third brother Wei Sonan naturally stared back without fear but his heart was bleeding Niang so beautiful a flower was inserted in the cow dung although it was a very handsome cow dung