Li Mufan said in a slight consternation, "Why did you beg him, little brother?" "I don't know, sir," said the young clerk. "Our shopkeeper is just like the foreman of our class. He will take us to our host's house." Li Mufan frowned and said, "Little brother, I still don't understand what you mean." Alas, the young fellow said, "My guest, why are you so confused?"? Aren't we going to serve food, run errands and do odd jobs? "Yes, I know.." said Li Mufan. "Well," said the young fellow, "our shopkeeper is the foreman. He will take us in when the time comes. As long as he promises to help you, he will take one more person in. All he has to do is tell the gatekeeper that he is afraid of not having enough people, so he will find another one temporarily." Li Mufan thought for a moment and said, "It's a good idea, little brother. But it's easy to say, but it's not easy to do. Do you think the shopkeeper is willing to help me?" "Our shopkeeper is usually the most difficult to talk to.." said the young fellow. Li Mufan shook his head dejectedly and said, "Then there's no need to try. It's not inevitable. But that's all right. If I outsmart myself and turn into a dog, he suspects that I'm going to steal something while I'm busy. It's hard for me to clear it even if I jump into the Yellow River." "Doubt," said the young fellow, "I dare say he will never doubt … -,-” "Why?" Said Li Mufan. The young fellow smiled and said, "There are a lot of guards in my house. They are all experts in Jianghu. Didn't I talk to anyone when my guest came here just now?"? That's a guard. Now that there are so many Jianghu experts in our home, even the most capable Jianghu people dare not enter. What's more, my guest,Stone Honeycomb Panel, you are a scholar. Li Mufan was in a daze. He nodded and said, "That's right, but your shopkeeper is difficult to speak. I'm still.." The young fellow smiled and said, "My guest, I haven't finished speaking just now. Our shopkeeper is really the most difficult to talk to. But once he drinks three glasses of wine, he will become the most talkative person in the world." Li Mufan laughed and said, "That's easy. The restaurant is just across the street. I'll treat him to a drink.." The young fellow shook his head and said, "My guest, I'm afraid it's not that easy. If it were that easy,Pietra Gray Marble, I wouldn't have said I'd let you try, but I wouldn't have dared to say it would be done." "Why," said Li Mufan, "where is the difficulty?" "The problem is how you get him to drink your wine," said the young man. ” Li Mufan was stunned and said, "Little brother, that's.." Isn't he a good wine. "Yes," said the young fellow. "He's a good drinker. I've never seen a second person like him in my life. In fact, not only me, but no one in this area has ever seen a second person like him. But he doesn't drink.." "Don't you drink those two?" Asked Li Mufan. "He won't drink any good wine if it's not old," said the young man. "He won't drink if it's not an acquaintance who invites him to drink." Li Mufan frowned and said, "The first one is easy to solve, but the last one.." Shaking his head, he said, "It seems that your shopkeeper is a strange man." Young fellow, "Bah!" He clapped his hands and said, "It's not bad at all. Usually he has a bad temper and is afraid of people. But once he drinks three cups, he has a very good temper. He nods whatever you say. Even if you ask him to kill people, white marble slabs ,Marble Granite Price, he will do it." Li Mufan shook his head and said, "That's really a strange man.." His eyes froze and he said, 'Little brother, you're an acquaintance..' Young fellow is busy: "I am an acquaintance is good, but this favour I cannot go up..." "Why, little brother," said Li Mufan, "you won't.." The young fellow shook his head and said, "At present, I am not unwilling. If I were unwilling, I would not tell you this method and let you try it. I cannot and dare not.". ” Li Mufan said in a surprised voice, "Little brother, what can I say? I can't. I dare not." "My guest," said the young fellow, "please think about it. I'm a fellow, and he's the shopkeeper. Can I buy him a drink for no reason? Can he stand it? Besides, when he's not drinking, he has a bad temper. Even if you invite him to drink, he will scold you. How dare I open my mouth? Li Mufan frowned and said, "Then you really can't help. It's hard.." After a pause, he said, "I'm a hotel guest, and I can't invite him to drink for no reason. Besides, I'm a stranger, and he won't drink." "So it's not easy for me to say," said the young fellow. Li Mufan said thoughtfully, "What can I do? What can I do?" "My guest," said the young man, "I can only help you so much, and I can only help you here. The rest is up to you. Whether you can go in and watch the fun depends on whether you can let him drink your wine. Besides, if you want to try, you'd better try quickly. Tomorrow morning he will take us to our home." Li Mufan said, "Oh, tomorrow morning?"? So soon. "The young master will get married the night after tomorrow," said the young clerk. "It's too late to go in the first day." Li Mufan frowned and said, "Damn, it's so fast. If it's still a long time, I can still find a way to get close to him. Once I give birth to him twice, I'll be familiar with him. Now.." Suddenly he sighed and said, "I don't care. Try it. Whether it works or not depends on my own luck. Little brother, whether it works or not, I will thank you very much.." "My guest," said the young fellow with a smile, "as the saying goes, 'If you don't do anything, you won't be rewarded.' If you do, you can thank me. If you don't, don't mention it. Anyway, please remember, don't say anything about me.." "How could that be?" Said Li Mufan. "You can rest assured, little brother. I'm a man of loyalty. I'm afraid it's too late for you to help me. How could.." The young fellow nodded and said with a smile, "That's good, that's good. My guest, try your luck. Just remember, hurry up. I'm leaving." Having finished speaking, he turned and walked away. With hope, Li Mufan was a little excited,Marble Projects, but he still frowned. Now there is hope, but only a trace. It seems that whether he can get into the Ba family depends entirely on the shopkeeper, and whether there is any way to let him drink his own wine. Then this method requires wisdom to think and think. Li Mufan sat down and thought quietly.