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All the civilians in Tianshui City noticed that the temperature in the city was a little frosty and cold. It was summer now. According to reason, it should be sultry and unbearable. There was no cold wind, but the temperature in the city was gradually decreasing. In an hour, they had taken out the thick clothes they wore in winter to wrap their bodies. He came, go, we go to the dead water dungeon waiting, arranged in the dead water dungeon around all the barriers, from now on all give me use up! "Huangfu home, Huangfu Tong suddenly stood up, toward the Huangfu month command Huangfu home and water cloud country of the big master, one by one long body up, with the Huangfu family of the master went out, according to the earlier agreement, One after another came to the prison between the palace and Huangfu's house, secretly waiting for the arrival of the people. In the evening, the sunset glow, like blood, dyed the whole sky of Tianshui City a frightening scarlet. In the hot summer, the city of Tianshui is as cold as an ice cave. Pedestrians on the street are wrapped in thick clothes. Their expressions are full of confusion. From time to time, they look up at the sky and their hearts are filled with fear. In the red clouds all over the sky, an old man came lightly. His expression was indifferent, as if he had no interest in everything about time. One step out, he could cross the distance of a hundred feet, and finally slowly fall into the prison zone between the palace and Huangfu's house. Down to earth,temperature screening kiosk, the old man took one look at the deep and bottomless prison passage, and took three steps out slowly. The old man stood on a high stone platform. Under the stone platform was a dark and damp water dungeon. Now there was only one teenager standing there quietly. At this moment, there seemed to be only one old and one young between heaven and earth. Ji Changkong looked at the sky and looked down at the old man who looked down at him. Two people's eyes meet, Ji Changkong clearly saw the old man's eyes full of love and guilt, without a word, but he seemed to know all his hidden feelings. Looking at each other for a long time, Ji Changkong smiled slowly at the corners of his mouth and said, "Grandpa.." The deep starry eyes of the ancient delirium suddenly brightened, and the expression on his face was very strange,thermal imaging camera, appreciative, gratified, worried, and doubtful. For a long time, Gu Dan nodded and said, "Grandpa will take you out later." Ji Changkong smiled and was about to speak when his face suddenly sank. "Huangfu Tong, you've come out!" Huangfutong's figure slowly stood on another stone platform, facing Gu Dan. Huangfutong saluted from a distance, with a respectful look. "I've seen the suzerain." Gu Yan glanced at Huangfu Tong, frowned slightly, and whispered, "Why?" "Imperial power!"! No one should be able to override the imperial power. "I have to do this for the country, for the Huangfu family!" Huangfu Tong answered with a smile and no fear. " Imperial power? Gu Tan murmured, as if chewing the meaning of these two words. After a while, Gu Tan looked up and said, "I don't care whether the imperial power is imperial or not. I just want my grandson to live a safe and carefree life. I will kill whoever hinders me." Chapter 235 of the main text, he is not a man! Novel Bus Updated: July 12, face recognition identification kiosk ,digital signage kiosk, 2010 22:13:14 Words in this chapter: 5229 Ju Fu Tong smiled, shook his head gently and said. Zong Xin, I'm sorry, Xiao Yunguo, I have to attack you for the sake of Huangfu's family. Stagnant water dungeon sky, suddenly heard a rich deep bell, a bronze giant bell fell from the sky, the bell is far away, the light is great? A heavy and depressing breath came from the bronze bell, and the light in the bell was like substance, and hundreds of bursts came out and rushed straight to the top of Guya's head. At the same time, all the Bagua Tianshi lurking in the dark suddenly flew out of hiding, and in an instant, they set off strong winds and waves, and all kinds of dazzling attacks poured in, targeting the Tianshan old man standing there. I don't know when Huangfuyue also came out of the dark, Huangfu family collected all kinds of exotic stones and precious iron forged by the gold cone was held in her hand, fierce yuan Li poured in the gold cone, the gold cone suddenly came out of the harsh whistle? Whew! Whoa, whoa, whoa! In the sound of tearing the sky, the golden cone is like a meteor about to fall into the world, carrying an unmatched spirit, flying straight towards the ancient world. When the golden cone fell into the hands of Huangfu Yue, the power released was more than ten times greater than in the hands of Huangfu Jingwei! The golden light is shining, like a sword, accompanied by the golden cone, it seems to want to pierce the sky! Tu Ba Zhi, Huang Fu Tong, Huang Fu Yue, as well as the Du family Laotaijun Zhang Yueqin, Chu family people, many masters together, is to take the opportunity to kill the ancient slander. All kinds of attacks poured in, and the ancient slander became the ultimate target of all attacks. In a backwater dungeon. Ji looked up at the sky with a solemn expression, but did not start. The last time outside Xuanyuan Valley, since he met Cao Xuanqi of Guiyuan Zong, he realized that the strong people in the Nine Palaces of Heaven were by no means comparable to the ordinary Eight Diagrams of Heaven. Although now Huangfutong their offensive is extremely powerful, but Ji Changkong does not believe that they can hurt the ancient slander by this means. Sure enough! Under the dazzling attack, the ancient foil looks as usual, until the time of the attack, only slowly? A huge "dry" word, eerily emerged behind the old saying, like a sky curtain occupying the whole space of the stagnant water dungeon, a strange wave that ordinary people can not understand, overflowing from the huge "dry" word, gradually spreading in all directions. All the attacks that fell on the ancient cliff were washed away by a strange wave and collapsed in an instant. The golden light from the top of the golden cone dissipated like water vapor. The huge bell, which had not yet fallen on the top of the ancient sky, was knocked out by the wave on the word "dry". Just for a moment. All the attacks disappeared as if they had never happened before? As the old saying goes, with your hands behind your back, the light flashes in the deep starry eyes, filling the whole space with "dry". The word gently shakes, suddenly changed the word "Kun",digital whiteboard price, the edge of destroying the world. Fierce from "Kun.". The words burst out, like thousands of steel needles, sweeping in all directions.