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The Fugitive of Online Games

On the game spread to the imperial city I came to the appraiser elder brother there see no one around I took out the fruit and grass and the assassin's special gloves into his hand "elder brother baby is coming hey look carefully if not wash your hands first!" I said obsequiously "Well good things I don't know where you get so many good things" The appraiser shook his head and said that I was elated to hear "303 gold coins" I am busy handing over my bank card brush away 303 gold coins this time can not consider the issue of discount once the identification of a slight discount that is miserable ah! As soon as the appraiser put his hands together he saw two colorful rays of light with a white Organic Chemicals light in the middle I saw that he was a playboy again "Congratulations you got the legendary God-the fruit of the goblin Congratulations you got the legendary God-the grass of the goblin Congratulations you get the silver-the glove of the fierce leopard" Thanks again and again I received all my treasures in my bracelet and went back to my home in the city of cultivation like lightning I took out my gloves and looked at them first The most delicious dish should be left to the end! Gloves (Male) Silverware Level 3 Gloves (Assassin Only) Defense + 25 Strength + 5 Ice Magic Defense + 6% Good thing ah Level 3 my favorite ah look at the other Goblin Grass the grass that grows from the essence of the earth the best medicine refined by players can increase the value of internal strength! Goblin Fruit The mature fruit of Goblin Grass the best medicine for players to refine can increase the value of internal strength! No I wipe my eyes there is no what players refining how can I use wood for NPC ah no I have to go to ask Travel-stained back to the appraiser "Brother there is no mistake how can the last wood be further refined by my master how can this time tell me that it is the player's refining medicine my gold coins can not be a little discount to your brother will not play me like this" With an angry look on my face I pointed at him and shouted The last thing is an accident the system has now corrected itself I can only say so much if you are not satisfied you can reflect to the above ha ha you should be satisfied after our master level can not help players exercise items you have taken a great advantage what is not satisfied Appraiser said look at my eyes reveal that you are really taking advantage of the big do not get cheap in the meaning of good! As soon as I heard it it was really like a thunderbolt This kind of treasure can only be refined by the alchemy above the master level Now NPC doesn't help me Players where to find the players whose alchemy skills have reached the master level My baby is so finished so rotten to the hands China Chemicals Suppliers looking at the bracelet of the goblin grass and the fruit of the goblin I am bitter sigh swift horse often have but Bole does not have ah! Farewell to the appraiser I put them all in the bank where there is a Chinese parasol tree seed it seems that the players need to be enough to use a certain level tearful looking at their three brothers take good care of it and so on the players'auxiliary skills after the end of the monkey years you see the light of day! From the bank two more Phoenix Feathers were put forward because it was too troublesome to remove one from Zhuge's crossbow when using the Jackal's Kiss Thinking that there were other equipment on my body that needed to be dealt with I went to Yinghui Auction House where the soldier was preparing for tonight's auction In the reception room I poured all the equipment in my belt on the table The soldier was now tempered by my surprise After looking carefully at the equipment on the table he looked up and said to me "Awesome!" What a lot of classy stuff you got there Hey hey you didn't do anything to steal did you My old face turned red I looked at the soldier On his face only I knew what you had done I said lightly "You are well-informed It is estimated that some things may have been auctioned from you last time What bad things can I do What bad things have I really done Can I go to the city" Soldier's face is really showing a puzzled expression looking at the equipment a little puzzled only a few days of kung fu he is too fast look at me deeply the corners of the mouth show an inscrutable smile Can we still be afraid of him I also said with a slight smile "Don't play tricks on the token this time Whoever likes to buy it will buy it It's true to sell it at a high price You and the little girl have a look at these equipment If you can use it you can digest it internally You can almost give me money even if you take advantage of me!"! What good things I can use in the future remember to inform me first ah to see if I can directly contact the seller but also privately digested the system accounted for 5% Organic Chemicals of the cost is really heartache ah! Then I held my heart in my hands and showed my painful face! The soldier smiled and looked at me and said "I think you want to buy something good from me to let me take advantage of you but this is really a good way with my credibility can really be considered there will be good things to say in the future besides the players who sell it may not agree the things auctioned out must be at a high price if you are applicable I will inform you first" I have to deal with the auction so I won't accompany you! Then he patted me on the shoulder and left the reception room There was really nothing else to do so I went back to the city of cultivation and continued to improve my scholar level and carpenter skills in the teacher's place The second brother finally finished the day's military training and went to the canteen to have dinner with them Unexpectedly they met the four sisters in their dormitory The third brother immediately glowed and washed their fatigue He warmly greeted them to have dinner together My heart was more than a wry smile How could I come out and appear in public Sure enough as soon as they saw me a member of the life committee appear in the dining hall of the university they immediately greeted me warmly "I heard that you are very ill We want to see you but the instructor won't let us He said that your illness is infectious How is it now It seems that there is no problem!" 。